Youth dies after cracker hits him in chest, pierces heart in Mumbai

Family calls it murder, create ruckus at Sion hospital

Youth dies after cracker hits him in chest, pierces heart in MumbaiAfzal Khan’s body taken for a post mortem at Sion Hospital. Pic/Shadab Khan

A 17-year-old boy died in freak accident at Antop Hill on Sunday, when the firecracker he had lit on an iron rod in his hand, hit him in the chest and pierced his heart.

Afzal Khan’s family, however, is unwilling to believe it was an accident and are calling it murder. The family created a huge ruckus at Sion hospital at midnight on Sunday, where the body had been brought for a post mortem.

The Antop Hill police said Khan and his friends went to a nearby fair where he had lit a crude handmade firecracker. The cracker accidentally flew into his chest instead and pierced his heart. A family member, Salim Khan, said, "This is not an accident, Afzal's heart has been pierced with a sharp weapon. Had it been just a firecracker accident, his body wouldn’t have been covered in so much blood."

Youth dies after cracker hits him in chest, pierces heart in MumbaiAfzal Khan's family at Sion hospital early. Pic/Shadab Khan

Inspecting officer Chandrakanth B Kamble who was present at Sion hospital where the body has been taken for a post mortem, said, "It is not murder. He had lit a handmade firecracker. It is an old-fashioned method where people place handmade crackers on a rod and hold it while lighting it. This one accidentally hit him instead."

This difference of opinion led to chaos at Sion hospital at 2 am on Monday. Family members were shouting and refused to allow the post mortem to be conducted. The police were able to bring things under control only two hours later.

"A post mortem is essential to conclude the cause of death. We will get the results by this evening," said a senior officer from the police station.

  • ABD22-Nov-2016

    Tragic incident.But, the ruckus created by relatives is sill more unfortunate. Luckily, police controlled the situation in time.Generally, relatives tend to blame doctors whenever a patient dies and resort to violence destroying and vandalizing hospital/clinic property...especially the minority community. I am stating this after witnessing a number of such incidents over last eighteen years. This is not my opinion but the ground reality.

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