Youth's mangled body found in the jungle

After being nabbed for murdering a 20-yr-old, the arrested accused led cops to the location of the victim's body in Sanjay Gandhi National Park 
Three days after the police arrested Raju Ghar for the murder of Kaushik Jalawadia (20), they recovered the victim's body from Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) yesterday. MiD DAY had reported about the incident yesterday ('20-yr-old killed, buried in salt'). 

Body found: Kaushik Jalawadia's decomposed body was found dumped
in Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivli

Ghar, who was last seen with Jalawadia, was arrested on suspicion of his abduction and murder on Tuesday. During interrogations, he broke down and revealed the location of the body to the cops.

Based on Ghar's disclosure, Dahisar police officers accompanied him two kms into the dense SGNP and were shown the spot where the body lay.

On being probed further, Ghar squealed on his accomplices, naming members of one Nisar family -- Nitin Nisar (42), Yogini Chirani (37), and Sunil Bhanushali (22) as co-accused. The police later arrested them. But officers said that at least half a dozen accused are still wanted in the case.

Cops made the first breakthrough in the case with the arrest of Ghar, who is related to the Nisar family.

Ansar Pirjade, senior police inspector from Dahisar (East) police station, said that the Nisars wanted to exact revenge on Jalawadia for an incident that happened three years ago (see box). Co-accused Nitin and sister Yogini approached their brother-in-law Ghar, and asked him to help them bump off Jalawadia. Ghar then approached Sunil Bhanushali (22) a driver, who helped them find a contract killer Raju Kaliya. Yogini paid him Rs 50,000 and asked him to click a photograph of the victim after he was killed, so they could be sure that he was dead.

For vengeance
Jalawadia, a resident of Anand Nagar in Dahisar (E), was murdered over a family feud that occurred three years ago during the wedding of Jalawadia's brother Bhavesh in Saurashtra.

During the ceremony, Jalawadia's distant relative Bharat Nisar fell into a well and died. The Jalawadias registered a case of accidental death, but Nisar's family suspected foul play. In order to exact revenge, they hired contract killers to get rid of him.



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