Youth used 'antique' guns to kill lover's aunt

Oct 31, 2011, 08:48 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Cops reveal that the weapons used by 26-year-old youth in the Dharavi murder were country-made revolvers commonly used by goons in the 70s

The two revolvers used in the death of a Congresswoman in Dharavi were country made and notoriously used by criminals in the 70s, investigating officials revealed yesterday.

According to Dharavi cops, Imran Akhtar Khan (26), who killed Congress party member Rajjan Karotia on Saturday at Shashtri Nagar, Gajanan Colony at Dharavi used a .42 bore, a revolver that was most commonly used in the 70s.

Cops told MiD DAY that they believed the motive behind the killing was a love affair which had gone sour.
"We have learnt that Khan brought both the revolvers from his home and that they were previously used by his father, who also has a criminal background. The revolvers were later kept in a showcase in Imran's home. After Khan's proposals to marry Karotia's niece were refused, he got angry and decided to use them," said Vishwas Shelar, assistant police inspector, Dharavi policeĀ  station.

Two years ago, Khan had fled with Rajjan's niece to Delhi following which Rajjan had lodged a case of kidnapping against him at the Dharavi police station. The police traced Rajjan's niece and brought her back to the city. "Imran was frustrated as his proposals were rejected at least 20 times," added the officer.

Meanwhile, Rajjan's grandson Krishna, who was also shot at on Saturday is currently recuperating from an injury to his left shoulder at Sion Hospital.

The story so far...
On Saturday around 4.30 pm, 26-year-old Imran Akhtar Khan fired a round into Rajjan Karotia's forehead while she stood chatting with some women on the porch of her house in Dharavi. Later, Khan strode into Karotia's house and fired another round at her grandson. He then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

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