Youth who fell off Mumbai local had not boarded regular train 'that' day

Bhavesh Nakate, who lost his life on Friday after falling from an overcrowded train between Kopar and Dombivli, had switched trains that day

Bhavesh Nakate did not board his regular fast local train that fateful day, instead he took the 7.59 am fast local from platform no 5 at Dombivli station, and within four minutes, he lay unconscious by the tracks between Kopar and Diva railway station.

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Commuters stand precariously on the footboard of the very compartment that Nakate had boarded that day. It is as overcrowded as it probably was that day. Commuters from the compartment said Nakate was not a regular in the 7.59 am local. Pics/Shrikant Khuperkar
Commuters stand precariously on the footboard of the very compartment that Nakate had boarded that day. It is as overcrowded as it probably was that day. Commuters from the compartment said Nakate was not a regular in the 7.59 am local. Pics/Shrikant Khuperkar

The fall of Nakate, (21), a resident of Parvati Dham, Sunil Nagar, Dombivili (East), on November 27 from a local train, which was caught on video by a fellow commuter, has forced the Railway Minister to form a committee for avoiding such mishaps.

A BSc (Computers) graduate, Nakate was working in the logistics department of an online store at Prabhadevi, where had been employed for past six months.

Not a regular on that train
Yesterday mid-day spoke to the commuters on the Karjat-CST fast local train, which is supposed to arrive at Dombivli railway station platform no 5 at 7.59 am. It was late by three minutes and arrived at 8.02 am.

It was this very train, in which Nakate was travelling that fateful morning. A few commuters who were in the second-class compartment (third from motor man’s cabin) confirmed that he fell from the same bogie on Friday. They even pointed out that he was not a regular commuter in that train.

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An inquiry by mid-day has revealed that the CST-bound fast local train had gone 400 metres ahead of Kopar railway station (being a fast train it has no halt at Kopar station), when Nakate lost his balance and was captured falling from the moving train.

According to police officials attached to Dombivli railway police station, “The mobile video clearly shows that Bhavesh had held his bag in front and he fell on his back.” Nakate was found lying near pole number 45/8A, and he lay there for nearly half an hour before the police could reach him.

While officials at the main railway police control room at Wadibunder claim that they were informed about the accident by Railway Protection Force (RPF) control room at 9.10 am, the GRP control room staff immediately contacted Dombivli railway police and they were informed that the station master had informed them about the accident at 9.00 am and that a constable had already gone to the spot.

After the incident
The railway police station at Dombivli was intimated around 8.20 am by the Dombivli station master, that a man had fallen from a running train between Kopar and Diva.

Armed with the stationmaster’s memo, police Constable Dhananjay Devkar, (24), along with four porters, then headed to the accident spot (which is approximately 3 kilometres from Dombivli railway station).

Devkar said, “We took a local train and halted it at the said kilometre number around 8.40 am, where we found a man lying severely injured. He had sustained severe injuries to his leg and multiple injuries to the back of his head. He was unconscious and we put him on a stretcher and waited for another up local train.”

“Around 8.45 am, we could stop an up local train and put the injured man in the general compartment and arrived at Dombivli railway station in the next 10 minutes. Soon after reaching the station, we shifted him in a private ambulance to Dombivli Municipal hospital at Shastri Nagar, Dombivili (West), where he was declared dead around 9.30 am,” said Devkar.

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Head Constable Sadashiv Mandavkar, the investigating police constable, told mid-day, “We have recorded the statement of the deceased’s elder brother, Vishal, who said that Bhavesh had left the house at 8 am. We do not know the exact train that he had boarded though.

Also, no one has come forward from the compartment from which he fell down. We are also looking for the man who had taken the video, but even he did not approach us.” When asked if they have checked the Close Circuit Cameras (CCTV) installed at the railway platforms to ascertain the exact train that Bhavesh had boarded, Mandavkar replied in the negative.

“We are yet to record the statement of the deceased’s father and other family members, since they are mourning. We will contact them soon,” Mandavkar added. A case has been registered under section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code and further inquiry is going on.

(Inputs by Shrikant Khuperkar)

Rs 10 in wallet
The police recovered a black bag, a tiffin box, pan card, few papers related to Nakate’s office, a wallet, which had a second class railway pass and R10. His mobile phone was also found near the accident spot. Through the mobile SIM, they contacted his family.

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    We too travel in the same condition everyday...This incident is nothing new for a Mumbai local commuter...Every person who boards a local during office hours fears that one day it may be his turn but is till forced to travel in this manner like animals taken for slaughter coz there is not option. Its easy for officials (and our family members) to say dont board an over crowded train and wait for the next one...but the next train is not going to get better. Theres no value for life.

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