The victim went missing from the vicinity of her house in the night, was spotted entering the area in the morning in a horrific condition; cops have registered a case of kidnapping and rape

The Govandi police have launched a manhunt for an unknown person accused of kidnapping and raping a minor.
The girl (7), a resident of Baiganwadi in Shivaji Nagar, had accompanied her grandmother to fetch water, when the unidentified person abducted her from the locale on Sunday night.

Yesterday at around 6.30 am, the girl was seen walking in to the area crying and her clothes were torn and stained.

A medical test conducted at Nagpada Hospital confirmed that the girl was raped. Police have, however, not managed to get a statement from the traumatised victim as she is currently under observation at JJ Hospital.

According to the cops, on January 22 at around 10 pm, the victim studying in class II, followed her grandma to the common tap to fill water, which is located a few metres away from their house.

Claiming that he was their neighbour, an unknown man aged between 20-25 years, and clad in a green shirt and black trousers, approached the grandmother and started conversing with her. But she told him that she didn't know him. The man, however, insisted that she was known to him and hung around. As there was another bucket of water to be filled, the grandmother asked the man to keep a watch on the girl till she returned.

When she returned after 10 minutes, the man and her granddaughter were nowhere to be seen. She enquired of some locals, who had seen the man talking to her and assumed that she knew him.

After learning that the man was not from the area, hell broke loose. The police were informed, as the locals started their own search operation. A massive hunt gripped the whole area, which continued through the night, but to no avail.

Around 6.30 am, the minor was spotted entering the area. Her clothes were torn and tattered and she was in a state of shock, unable to communicate. 

"We have registered a case kidnapping and rape. We are yet to record the girl's statement, as she is not in a condition to speak. We are taking down statements of the eyewitnesses. We have also called in a sketch artist, and with the help of the grandmother and the eyewitnesses, we are trying to sketch a portrait of the unknown accused," said Radhesham Agarwal, senior police inspector at Shivaji Nagar police station.