A woman in Britain has been barred from every nightclub of her hometown as she is being viewed as too old to wear skimpy outfits at the age of 28. 

Lisa Woodman, a mother-of-four, was barred from three clubs in Worcester, West Midlands, because of her low-cut tops, short skirts and knee-length boots, the Daily Mail reported. 

Woodman, who is 5'3", admitted she liked to flaunt her figure but claimed her outfits were conservative compared to those of younger girls. On New Year's eve she was left in tears when doormen at a nightclub turned her away saying: "You're too old to wear that get-up."

She has also been banned from the city's other two nightclubs as all three are owned by the same company. The ban is to last unless she tones down her appearance. Woodman, a medical secretary at a hospital hygiene company, asked: "What's wrong with what I wear?

"I'm not hurting anyone, am I? I am covering everything, and I just want to have a good time. "None of the pubs give me any hassle about my outfits so why do the nightclubs have such a problem?" 

"When I asked the bouncers why me and my sister weren't allowed in, they just said 'You're too old to wear that get-up'." 

"I couldn't believe it. I'm only 28 and still consider myself young."