Yuvraj's physio Jatin Chaudhary sends out positive signals

Feb 06, 2012, 08:05 IST | IANS
India's star cricketer Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his lung and is currently undergoing chemotherapy at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston. Yuvraj was detected with the tumour in October but his family maintained that it was non-malignant.

Yuvraj's physiotherapist Jatin Chaudhary, however, revealed yesterday that it is malignant but there was nothing to fear. "This tumour is rare and is cancerous but nothing to fear about because it is 100 per cent curable.

The best part is that tumour has been detected in Stage One," said Chaudhary. He said that due to the negligence of an Indian hospital, it took some time to detect that the tumour was malignant. "It took two biopsies to detect the nature of the tumour. It was a Russian doctor who detected the nature of the tumour," he said.

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