Zardari's donation will be used for noble causes: Ajmer shrine authorities

Wahid Chisti, secretary of the Anjuman Syed Zadgan, a custodian body of the shrine, said the body would receive the donation from Zardari through Indian government channels.

The 21-member body, which holds the purse strings of the shrine, represents the khadims (caretakers) who claim to be relatives of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. “Anjuman spends a lot of money for the cause of education. The body runs one English medium higher secondary school and a seminary in Ajmer,” said Natiq Chisti, a khadim who helped Zardari and his son in the prayers.

‘Pak govt will pay’
“The media reported that the donation is for the dargah. The donation will be for Anjuman Syed Zadgan,” a khadim said on the condition of anonymity. “The Pakistan High Commission said the Pakistan government will offer the money for Anjuman Syed Zadgan,” he clarified.¬†Anjuman also runs a small hospital in the city. “Apart from this, we also send money to major shrines across the country and arrange for the langar (community kitchen) at these shrines,” said Natiq Chisty. He added the body also provides scholarship to meritorious students of the khadim community and financial assistance to widows.

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