Zayn Malik to seek help from Adele for his pre-show anxiety attacks

Zayn Malik is reportedly seeking advice from Adele to overcome his pre-show anxiety attacks 

In the past, singers Zayn Malik and Adele have publicly confessed to have suffered from debilitating nervous breakdowns ahead of shows. Just last weekend, Malik pulled out of his gig in London's Wembley Stadium at the last minute due to an anxiety episode and it has been claimed that he has now sought advice from Adele on overcoming such problems.

Zayn Malik and Adele
Zayn Malik and Adele

"Zayn has been in touch with Adele's manager Johnathan Dickins about it because Adele got a lot of help with panic attacks and stage fright — and look at her now. They (Malik's management team) are pulling in people who can help him because he can overcome this and if he's going to stay in music and singing, he absolutely has to get it under control. After the issue last weekend, it has become a matter of urgency," a source said.

The 'Hello' hitmaker overcame her own panic attacks and anxiety issues after struggling to perform to large crowds earlier in her career.

In an interview, Adele had said, "I have anxiety attacks, constant panicking on stage, my heart feels like it's going to explode because I never feel like I'm going to deliver, ever. I will not do festivals. The thought of an audience that big frightens the life out of me."

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