Zimbabwean women rapists get death threats

Three Zimbabwean women, who have been accused of sexually attacking men, are now receiving death threats, a Harare court heard on Tuesday

The women allegedly attacked male hitchhikers to collect semen for rituals.

"We have indicated that they have received death threats. Every time they appear in a public place, they are assaulted, insulted and mocked by people," News 24 quoted defence lawyer Dumisani Mthombeni as telling the court during a pre-trial hearing.

"Any public appearance they make is an opportunity for those who have been threatening them to pounce on them. Heaven knows what may happen to them," Mthombeni added.

Sisters Sophie and Netsai Nhokwara, 26 and 24, and Rosemary Chakwizira, 28, were arrested early in October and charged with committing a string of sexual attacks on men.

Thulani Ngwenya, 24, a boyfriend to one of the women, was also charged.

The four are out on 300-dollar bail each and they surrendered their passports. Their trial date has been set for January 26.



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