Zoe Saldana shares first pics of twin sons

Feb 16, 2015, 07:18 IST | PTI

Los Angeles: Several months after giving birth to twin sons Cy and Bowie, actress Zoe Saldana took to Instagram to share the first photos of the boys.

Picture courtesy Zoe Saldana Instagram account @zoesaldana
Picture courtesy Zoe Saldana Instagram account @zoesaldana 

The shots, uploaded to the social media last week, showed the new mother and her artist husband Marco Perego going hiking on the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles with each of the boys in tow.

"It's a #family affair! #Twins #Fullhouse," read a caption that accompanied the photos.

Faces of the boys were not clearly on display, but it looked like the new parents really enjoyed the family outing.

Saldana, 36, who has been married to Marco Perego since June 2013, gave birth to Cy and Bowie in November last year.

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