Zubin and the gentleman's game

Word comes in that internationally renowned conductor Zubin Mehta, one of Mumbai's most beloved sons, is going to be back in the city of his birth to perform two concerts with the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, after which he will travel to Chennai and Delhi for two more.

What’s interesting is that Mehta, who along with food (he’s said to carry his favourite green chillies with him wherever he goes) lists cricket as one of his abiding passions, will be supported by two legendary Australian cricketers Brett Lee and Steve Waugh on this tour.

Zubin Mehta Brett Lee Steve Waugh
Zubin Mehta, Brett Lee and Steve Waugh

And with the NGMA art show on Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan’s recent commentary for the World Cup and Gotham Chopra’s film on the Little Master, it appears as if cricket has moved out of the greens and into art and culture consciousness finally!

Ana’s iconic rock
“It’s a 20-carat flawless Colombian emerald! Ayesha has a similar ring, and when I admired it, she and Jackie presented one to me as a birthday gift,” said designer Ana Singh, a close friend of Ayesha and her husband Jackie Shroff, about the striking stone she displayed on her well-manicured finger recently.

The emerald ring gifted by the Shroffs
The emerald ring gifted by the Shroffs

Singh, who is a keen spiritualist and took a year’s sabbatical from her flourishing career as one of Bollywood’s top designers to hone her knowledge of healing therapies, is not only appreciative of the stone’s aesthetic appeal. “Emeralds stand for mercury, which is to do with communication and media,” she said.

Ana Singh and Ayesha Shroff
Ana Singh and Ayesha Shroff

“The stone is worn to bring clarity and strength in these areas,” she says. “But of course, I will only wear it on special occasions most of the times I’m in scruffy markets and all over the place sourcing fabrics for my film projects,” says the lady who is on the verge of signing her 999th movie and who took to social media to post her excitement on her iconic rock.

“The big fat b’day present has arrived #blessed #best dada and @ayeshashroff #thank you for the BIG indulgence #love my emerald,” she wrote.

Alan Turing’s family home
Having watched The Imitation Game recently and been incredibly moved by the story of Alan Turing, the father of modern computer, whose unacknowledged genius as a code-breaker during WW-II saved millions of lives, we recalled an incredible story we’d read last year by journalist Anvar Alikhan in the TOI in which he’d revealed that Turing’s family home in Coonoor had been bought unknowingly by one of India’s leading IT tycoons, Nandan Nilekani!

Nandan Nilekani
Nandan Nilekani

As is known, the scientist and maths prodigy who suffered unimaginable persecution over his homosexuality had a strong India connection through both sets of his parents who’d served during the British Raj. ‘It’s one of those one-in-a-gazillion coincidences,’ Alikhan had written about the incredible chance event of the two iconic IT men being thus linked.

A still from the movie The Imitation Game. PIC/Jack English (The Weinstein Company)
A still from the movie The Imitation Game. PIC/Jack English (The Weinstein Company)

“We loved the film too!” said Nilekani when we asked him about the coincidence. “The connect to the home his grandparents and mother lived in made it especially poignant!” said one of the Infosys founders.
As Alikhan had said: ‘Buying a charming old house: Rs x lakhs. Discovering that it was earlier owned by Alan Turing’s family: Priceless. Utterly, totally priceless!’

Of libidos and egos
What’s it about creepy middle-aged guys forcing themselves on uninterested young women? Bill Cosby, RK Pachauri and now US based Bikram (Hot Yoga) Choudhury who is the subject of an extensive article in the latest Vanity Fair and has all attracted attention for the wrong reasons lately!

RK Pachauri
RK Pachauri

According to VF journalist Benjamin Wallace, one plaintiff has said that Choudhury kept her after class one day, saying, “I can see something inside of you that no one else can. You will be greater than Mother Teresa, but you have to follow me.

Bikram Choudhury
Bikram Choudhury

You have to do everything I tell you to do. I am your guru. I am your god - without me, you will be a piece of gold undiscovered and covered in dirt.” Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that ‘libido’ and ‘ego’ have merged irreconcilably?

Beauties at High Tea
“We were at a high tea that my friend, the actress Soha Ali Khan hosted for Magnum to launch a new ice cream flavour.

Parvathy Omanakuttan, Tara Sharma Saluja and Soha Ali KhanParvathy Omanakuttan, Tara Sharma Saluja and Soha Ali Khan

Soha is a dear friend so I went with the kids who were running around having fun while we were chilling and chatting before the event hence the photo of us and model Parvathy Omanakuttan sitting together,” said actress entrepreneur, creator and co-producer of the Tara Sharma Show, Tara Saluja about this picture.

“As my show’s season finale with Mary Kom Onler, Zia Mody and others aired that day itself I was telling them I would soon start Season 4 and would love them on as guests too,” she said. No, we don’t know what the ice cream flavour was.

Linen cement and brick
“The Architectural Digest shoot was essentially about eight women from varied creative fields and their work environment,” says textile designer Anavila Sindhu Mishra, the subject of a full-page featured in the latest issue of the glossy.

AD photo shoot. Pic/Neville Sukhia
AD photo shoot. Pic/Neville Sukhia

“The shoot was quite interesting as it captured the mood of my studio and brought out my personality through the objects around it. The AD team also spoke about my current and future projects and a little about me. Music and gardening are my two great stress busters,” she says.

As for her choice of sari, “the colour was an instant pick,” says the lady, celebrated for introducing the linen sari into the Indian wardrobe. “I am working on a summer collection with powdery pastels against cements and stone and since my studio is exposed cement walls with metal and bricks showing, the apricot colour just blended beautifully.”




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