Bollywood Flashback: Where have the 90's singers gone?

On Raageshwari Loomba's birthday we look at singers who ruled the decade before the advent of reality singing shows and a paradigm shift in Bollywood's priorities changed the equation forever


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  • Binu24-Feb-2014

    There were highly talented singers. Gifted singers are no more required for music directors and producers. They are searching for Teawala, Mochi, Paperwala and wanderers etc as singers and directors which they think best suite for job thus these so called music directors and producers killed the Indian music industry. Shame on them.................!

  • Parsi Uncle24-Feb-2014

    They are all now running music academy.

  • nazir05-Apr-2014

    All the listed singers are A Class. Lot of people still listen songs from the generation of 80's and 90's. Current trend of Music is different, now many people could not find any difference between singers. All sound same.

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Raageshwari: One of the prominent female pop singers, Raageshwari was having a good run when she was diagnosed with Bell's palsy in 2000. She made a comeback in 2006, but could not regain her popularity. Popular songs: 'Ta Ta Ra Ri Ra Ra' (album 'Duniya'), Pyaar Ka Rang (album 'Pyaar Ka Rang'), Y2K: Saal Do Hazaar (album 'Y2K: Saal Do Hazaar')

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