Celebs at Raghav Sachar and Amita Pathak's wedding

'Bittoo Boss' actress Amita Pathak and singer- composer Raghav Sachar tied the knot in a ceremony attended by several Bollywood celebs


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  • Ajay03-May-2014

    Abhishek Manu Singhvi name is missing ?

  • jiban03-May-2014

    I love it

  • hellway05-May-2014

    Way to go

  • George03-May-2014

    Good Job mid-day. Very thoughtful of you to publish these horror stories, the moment the new couple came to light. They can do with your blessings.

  • Nel06-May-2014

    I wonder if anyone has noticed that out of 8 incidents mentioned above 5 female partners are dead. Does that ring a bell??????

  • fazgun06-May-2014

    Love a politician-END UP DEAD. Only in India!

  • David06-May-2014

    what about Abhiseks Manu Singvi

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Raghav Sachar and Amita Pathak

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