The biggest and best football transfers of 2014

With the transfer window underway, we track the movements of the most wanted footballers in the business...(Pics/ Getty Images, AFP)



  • pari-nari06-Apr-2014

    Raveena Tandon, what happened to your movie Shobhana 7 nights?? several months ago heard about it so been waiting for it but no news about it!!! is it happening?

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Game Changers (The Men Who Are Worth Every Penny Spent On Them)

Luis Suarez From: Liverpool To: Barcelona Price: 75 million pounds If Barcelona were not already intimidating enough for rival teams due to Neymar and Lionel Messi’s presence, the Catalans have added Suarez to their line-up. His signing makes Barcelona the team with arguably the most fearsome front three in the world.

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