Tun Tun's birth anniversary: Bollywood character actors we miss

Even as lead actors ruled the roost from '60s to '90s, some artists played small but significant roles in landmark films of that era. On Tun Tun's birth anniversary, we pay tribute to these unsung heroes


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    Tun tun

    Uma Devi Khatri, better known by her screen name Tun Tun, is often called the 'first woman comedienne of Hindi cinema'. She entered the Hindi film industry as a singer and eventually moved on to acting. Music composer Naushad Ali asked Dilip Kumar to cast her in one of his films, and she appeared in 'Babul' (1950). It is he who renamed her as Tun Tun to suit her comic persona. She went on to act in Guru Dutt's classics like 'Aar Paar' (1954) and Pyaasa (1957). In the 1960s and 1970s, she was a comic relief in several Hindi films. She also starred in Amitabh Bachchan's 'Namak Halaal' (1982)

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