In Pictures: Iconic places in Mumbai that no longer exist


Tambe Arogya Bhuvan: Dadar has had Tambe Arogya Bhuvan longer than India has had independence. It was one of the few remaining places in the city where one could tuck into a satiating meal of Zunka Bhakri and Piyush under Rs 100. The eatery is also the home of the famous Maharashtrian drink, piyush, which was, in fact, first invented in the Tambe kitchen. But like so many other landmarks in the city, it won't be long before this iconic vegetarian Tambe Arogya Bhuvan: Maharashtrian eatery is also lost to history.

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One of Mumbai's oldest eateries, Tambe Arogya Bhuvan, is about to shut down, becoming the latest in the growing list of slices of city's heritage that have become history. Take a look