Dennis Lillee's birthday: 21 ugliest spats in sports history in pics

Today Australia's former cricketer Dennis Lille, who among many thing is known for his spat with Javed Miandad, celebrates his birthday. On this day, we take a look at some of the ugliest rivalries between players from different sports over the years



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    Javed Miandad and Dennis Lillee

    Both high profile players got physical when Miandad and Mansoor Akhtar were trying to do a repair job after Pakistan were reduced to 27 for 2 during the Perth Test in 1981. According to Cricinfo, "Miandad turned Lillee behind square for a single, and in completing an easy run, he collided with the bowler. Eyewitnesses agreed that Lillee was to blame and most observed that he had deliberately moved into the batsman's path. The two players' versions of events differ. Miandad claimed that Lillee blocked him and "pushed him out of the way"; Lillee's version of events has Miandad subjecting him to abuse as he approached and Lillee replying in kind -- no mention of any contact. PIC COURTESY/PBL MARKETING

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