MNS workers protest against toll tax


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  • Mustufa28-Jan-2014

    Publicity gimmiks by MNS since Loksabha elections are coming they need to remind marathis we are their party.

  • Ritesh Singh28-Jan-2014

    It makes me laugh.. we live in the country.. where we have some leaders strongly believing in non violence, doing "Dharna Pradarshan"..no matter for whatever reason .while some leaders who believe that violence is the only way to clean the mess.. We have a yog guru, who has helped people cure several life threatening diseases, but seem to be more keen in entering the politics lately...while some gurus turning out to be sex criminals....God!! hahahaha.. where are we going? we're going "no where"

  • Anonymous28-Jan-2014

    I don't understand why breaking a public property will constitute protesting. The whole set up of tolls comes out of our tax payer's money and MNS does this ShekChilly thing of destroying it's own property. Now to build it again, do you think money is going to come from trees. No! it's going to come yet again from our taxpayers money. In India, we pay double double for everything. MNS breaks they reconstruct we pay and the cycle keeps repeating. Ashamed to call myself a Maharashtrian

  • alex fernandes29-Jan-2014

    y shoot.! do u know wat u r talking govt take care of ur terrorist who kills people and property. other countries tere;s no tpll then y it is in india. is it not corruption. i think u stayed only in india. doesnt know wats going outside. sorry to explain more further to you but i can only say a frog in a well thinks the four corner of the wall is the world to him just like u

  • sayed ebrahim basha29-Jan-2014

    In this Case police just shoot 1 person, then see the result all the MNS worker will be vanished in just a sec.

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At least half a dozen toll plazas were vandalised by suspected MNS activists in Thane after party chief Raj Thackeray asked workers not to pay toll tariff and ‘crush’ toll gates

All pics by Pradeep Dhivar and Nimesh Dave

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