Photos: 10 yesteryear B-Town actresses who have shunned the limelight

Yesteryear actress Mala Sinha rarely makes a public appearance. A few other actresses, most of them her contemporaries, have chosen a similar path, away from the glitz and glamour. Here's a look



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    Mala Sinha

    A legend of Hindi cinema, who was part of popular films like ‘Pyaasa’ (1957), ‘Gumrah’ (1963), ‘Himalaya Ki God Mein’ (1965) and ‘Aankhen’ (1968) among many others, she reduced her film appearances by the 80s and stopped acting altogether by the early 90s. Sinha married her co-star from Nepali films, Chidambar Prasad Lohani, in the late 60s and over the last two decades have been away from the public gaze

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