Birthday special in pictures: Spinners who are experts at the 'doosra'


Former Pakistan spinner Saqlain Mushtaq is credited with the invention of doosra, but in actuality he just perfected it. Saqlain took 208 Test and 288 one-day wickets during his career. The doosra, which means ‘the second one’ in Urdu, turns from leg-side to offside -- the opposite direction to orthodox off breaks. It is bowled from the back of the hand with a lot of top-spin, though the bowler's wrist still moves in a clockwise direction, making it difficult for a batsman to pick. (Pic/ AFP)

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Former Pakistan spin veteran Saqlain Mushtaq, was known for his ability to bowl the 'doosra', which he employs to great effect. On his birthday today, we look at some of the best exponents of this art...