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  • Movie review: 'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania'

    Movie review: 'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania'

    'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya' clearly doesn't take itself too seriously and it doesn't want you to either. It is an unpretentious, unabashed tribute to 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge'

  • Movie Review: 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'

    Movie Review: 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'

    'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' is, quite simply, one of the best, if not the best film we've seen this year. So instead of a review, we give you ten reasons why you should rush to your nearest theatre to catch it

  • Movie Review: 'Lekar Hum Deewana Dil'

    Movie Review: 'Lekar Hum Deewana Dil'

    'Lekar Hum Deewana Dil' dwells on the joys and miseries of elopement and that ends up making the movie a bit of a yawnfest

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Malavika’s Mumbai

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Dear Diana

'My boyfriend is cheating on me...'

'My boyfriend is cheating on me...'

I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 25. We have been together for eight months now

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Today you will be busy while performing your tasks with energy and efficiency. Spend quality time with your loved one in the evening. The week ahead: You will feel very positive and optimistic this week, and all the tasks which used to seem difficult for you to do will now seem much easier.Read More



You will feel tired and restless. Take some rest and get a health check-up done, if need be. Just keep away from physical exertion today. The week ahead: Financial gains are foreseen, but expenses too will shoot up, so you’ll have to find out a way to curtail your spendings and save for your future.Read More



Control your temper and mind your words, otherwise your aggressive behaviour may hurt your loved ones and make them react angrily. The week ahead: Businessmen will be able to accomplish many projects, which will result in increased profits. This week is good to go in for new partnerships.Read More



Monetary matters will be the highlight of the day ahead. Cash inflow may be good, but your increasing expenditure will not let you save much. The week ahead: Although your workload is huge, you may tend to exaggerate it by paying attention to unnecessary and unrelated matters. Focus only on concrete goals.Read More



You will get emotional and this may lead to losses. Do not act become sentimental. Keep yourself occupied and avoid thinking about anything. The week ahead: Expect a bag of mixed fortunes this week. You will share a good rapport with friends and colleagues, but things may go rough with your beloved.Read More



It may be a boring day, as you may be occupied with official responsibilities. This may irritate you, and even affect your efficiency. The week ahead: You'll be in full control of your affairs, and will not tolerate anyone trying to interfere in your work. On the personal front, you will be possessive.Read More



A romantic affair is likely! You shall receive a lot of response from him/her. Yet, avoid spending too much on your date. The week ahead: You may look forward to a satisfactory week on the financial front, because whatever you do will yield rich monetary rewards.Read More



You shall be unhappy about your looks. Hence, you may visit a salon for a total makeover. All in all, an exciting day is foreseen for you. The week ahead: Your sincere work ethic will win you kudos from your superiors, and it appears to be a good time to request them for a raise in your salary or a promotion.Read More



Although you may feel gloomy in the morning, you shall feel better in the afternoon. Expect some good news in the evening. The week ahead: The stars indicate that you will have a good time on the romantic front. However, whether you are married or single, you will have to take the initiative.Read More



You shall learn more about your relationships today, and get confused about certain matters. But think broadly to avoid misinterpretations. The week ahead: Don't get cowed down by tasks that appear to be extremely challenging, and don't underestimate your own abilities to accomplish whatever comes your way.Read More



This shall be a memorable Sunday as vital decisions may be taken. Also dress-up well, as you are likely to meet a special person. The week ahead: Being too individualistic will not do, because the challenges that you have to face this week call for well-coordinated teamwork. Be positive and flow with the tide.Read More



You may feel anxious and puzzled in the morning. Nevertheless, you shall feel better later on, and enjoy the evening. The week ahead: You will experience success this week. You will convince your bosses that you can handle more responsibilities confidently. Read More