Salman Khan speaks up for Narendra Modi

Salman Khan speaks up for Narendra Modi

Salman Khan, who is gearing up to host the eighth season of 'Bigg Boss', says that prime minister Narendra Modi needs to be given more than 100 days to prove his worth

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  • Movie Review: 'Creature 3D'

    Movie Review: 'Creature 3D'

    This film keeps you engaged alright. During its two-hour plus period, it makes you snigger, snort, laugh out loud at the unintentional humour and makes you gasp with disbelief at the absurdity of it all

  • Movie review: 'Finding Fanny'

    Movie review: 'Finding Fanny'

    The film revolves around a bunch of fantastic actors together in a frame, sitting in a blue beaten car, presumably to find Fanny but largely to give us a delightful dollop of entertainment

  • Movie Review: 'The Prince'

    Movie Review: 'The Prince'

    The film is a botched up attempt in the thriller as well as the action genres. Clueless repetition is just one of the many cinematic sins it commits

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CLT20 2014 - Champions League Twenty20 2014

Dear Diana

'My guy is addicted to porn...

'My guy is addicted to porn...

I am 26 and in a live-in relationship with a 32-year-old guy. He loves me a lot, but I don't understand his obsession with porn

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