Shah Rukh is king of Bollywood: Salman Khan

Shah Rukh is king of Bollywood: Salman Khan

Salman Khan, who has been delivering hit films back-to-back, feels his arch rival Shah Rukh Khan is the 'King of Bollywood'. Salman has become the first Bollywood actor to give seven Rs 100 crore hit films in a row, including his recent release 'Kick'

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  • Movie Review: 'Kick'

    Movie Review: 'Kick'

    Salman Khan plays a desi Robin Hood in Sajid Nadiadwala's directorial debut 'Kick', a bizarre movie full of 'believe it or not' situations. Watch it if you are a die-hard Salman Khan fan

  • Movie review: 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

    Movie review: 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

    This film comprises of all the wonderful elements that made Wes Anderson's earlier movies great

  • Movie review: 'Pizza 3D'

    Movie review: 'Pizza 3D'

    Watch this one. The young director makes a good attempt to give you a good scare. Given the choices that we have these days in this genre, this film definitely stands out

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Dear Diana

'Ever since my guy changed jobs, he's a different person...'

'Ever since my guy changed jobs, he's a different person...'

My boyfriend and I have been living in for over a year. Of late, he is a changed person.

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