Late fire chief Sunil Nesarikar's final gift to Mumbai

Late fire chief Sunil Nesarikar's final gift to Mumbai

Mumbai’s fire brigade will get its tallest ladder, which can reach up to 30 floors by this month's end, thanks to late Chief Fire Officer Sunil Nesarikar, who had visited Finland days before Kalbadevi blaze to test it

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    'Welcome To Karachi' - Movie Review

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Dear Diana

'My girlfriend has stopped sending me lovey-dovey SMSes...'

'My girlfriend has stopped sending me lovey-dovey SMSes...'

I have been with this girl for seven months. Of late, however, I feel that we have been drifting apart. Initially, she would keep messaging me all day and we would talk till late night. Now we talk only once or sometimes not at all

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You will remain in the limelight for your excellent communication skills, which will keep you so busy that you may long to be left alone to organise your thoughts.Read More



You may feel a bit down as the day begins, but by the evening you shall find yourself in high spirits, and shall spread joy and laughter everywhere you go.Read More



Today you may spend your entire time pandering to the whims and fancies of your near and dear ones, but make sure you spend some quality time with yourself.Read More



Your efficiency is likely to peak today, so that tasks that would normally seem difficult, you would be able to perform without so much as breaking a sweat.Read More



You are likely to be gripped by nostalgia today. It is quite possible that you may even coincidentally meet some good old friend and rekindle the relationship.Read More



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You shall work sincerely and ensure that you live up to the expectations of your bosses. They are then likely to entrust you with bigger responsibilities.Read More



Today you are likely to be temperamental, which is bound to boomerang on you unless you consciously avoid getting angry and stay away from arguments.Read More



You shall be called upon to make full use of your communication skills and you shall prove them yet again by helping your company clinch an important deal.Read More



Making travel plans shall keep you preoccupied for almost the whole day, but in the evening you shall feel like enjoying with your friends and family members.Read More



With the cosmos conspiring in your favour today, this is the right time to muster the courage and propose to your beloved. You shall get a positive response.Read More