'Hawaizaada' - Movie review

'Hawaizaada' - Movie review

While the film had the potential of being moving and patriotic, the executive wasn't as believable as director Vibhu Puri's imagination and conviction. This painfully long film is nothing to write home about -- be it performances or the unnecessary songs

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  • 'Khamoshiyan' - Movie review

    'Khamoshiyan' - Movie review

    In case you are looking for laughter punctuated by sudden horror, lovely dialogues and illogical scenes, you should watch 'Khamoshiyan'. If not, maintain silence as well as distance

  • 'Rahasya' - Movie review

    'Rahasya' - Movie review

    'Rahasya' was touted as a film based on the infamous Noida double murder of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj, the Talwars' domestic help. But the film takes on its own character, which is fortunately slick and wickedly delightful, fitting into the old fashioned whodunnit format

  • 'Birdman' - Movie review

    'Birdman' - Movie review

    There are so many things that blow you away in 'Birdman' it's hard to keep track. This is a movie about actors, for both actors and non-actors, made by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu at perhaps the peak of his prowess

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Dear Diana

'My live-in girlfriend is giving me mixed signals...'

'My live-in girlfriend is giving me mixed signals...'

I've been in a live-in relationship for four years. Of late, we have hit a rough patch as my girlfriend is rethinking our relationship

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Today you shall have no hesitation in putting work on the back-burner, as you are totally in the mood to pamper your family. A visit to a mall or a multiplex is on the cards.Read More



Setting your priorities straight on the financial front, both for yourself and your near and dear ones, shall lead to a lot of clarity on the aspect, and help you avoid unnecessary expenses.Read More



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A lot of hard work is in store for you. If some of your colleagues are on leave, you may be burdened with their work too. However, you have the energy to accomplish it all.Read More



A lot of hard work is in store for you. If some of your colleagues are on leave, you may be burdened with their work too. However, you have the energy to accomplish it all.Read More