Sudden rain brings Mumbai to a halt!

Sudden rain brings Mumbai to a halt!

A sudden heavy downpour lashed the metropolis on Tuesday evening, severely disrupting road and suburban train services and inconveniencing lakhs of commuters and office goers

Movie review: 'Haider'

Movie review: 'Haider'

Rejoice. The sensitive storyteller is back in his element. Vishal Bharadwaj brings alive the ecstasy, pain and passion of Hamlet on screen. Please watch this film. It has chutzpah and a lot of soul too

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  • Movie review: 'Desi Kattey'

    Movie review: 'Desi Kattey'

    When a film aims at offering violence wrapped around a love story, there’s the possibility of a conflict between the two. Often, violence is romanticised to the point that humane elements are eventually overlooked.

  • Movie review: 'Meinu Ek Ladki Chaahiye'

    Movie review: 'Meinu Ek Ladki Chaahiye'

    This film, supposedly a satire, is laughable. A failed lawyer (Raghuveer Yadav) is out to defend an imprisoned rape accused but goes about doing it in an unbelievably crude and stupid fashion

  • Movie review: 'Deliver Us From Evil'

    Movie review: 'Deliver Us From Evil'

    Director Scott Derrickson's 'Deliver Us From Evil' is badly directed, clichéd, comprises of less than stellar acting, and to put a nail in the coffin, not scary at all

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Northern Districts 135/8 in 19 Overs (RR 7.11 )
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Raymon Reifer 6 (10)
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Dear Diana

'I am worried about my children...'

'I am worried about my children...'

I am 47 and have two daughters. My wife and I are drifting apart. We keep squabbling daily and there is nothing left in the marriage

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