In pictures: 10 suicides that shocked Bollywood

In pictures: 10 suicides that shocked Bollywood

The death of model-cum-actress Shikha Joshi is the latest in the worryingly growing list of showbiz personalities, who went into depression and took their own lives. Here's a look at some tragic tales

'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' - Movie Review

'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' - Movie Review

'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' is a Kangana Ranaut vehicle. The film takes off from where the original ended and though Kangana has grown by over the 5 years since, the same cannot be said about the sequel

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  • 'Tomorrowland' - Movie Review

    'Tomorrowland' - Movie Review

    A lot of things in the movie are clichéd to the hilt. Despite being a Brad Bird film, 'Tomorrowland' restricts itself to being a run of the mill Disney movie with easy plot points. The film looks gorgeous, of course, and kudos to Disney for presenting the film in 2D rather than 3D

  • 'Poltergeist' - Movie Review

    'Poltergeist' - Movie Review

    The scares in 'Poltergeist' mostly range from predictable bump in the dark to screeching loud just to jolt you. Most of them fall flat, and the added 3D layer doesn't do much than make the already dark film look even darker

  • 'Big Game' - Movie Review

    'Big Game' - Movie Review

    When it comes to movie fun you can hardly go wrong with 'Big Game'. Let's just hope there's a sequel that is even more ridiculous, pardon the pun, in nature

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Dear Diana

'My guy and I had a bitter fight...'

'My guy and I had a bitter fight...'

My boyfriend lost his expensive cell phone, which I had given as a gift to him, last week...

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