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  • 'Mortdecai' - Movie review

    'Mortdecai' - Movie review

    If only the director David Koepp had spent more time writing good jokes instead of focusing on Johnny Depp's star power to propel 'Mortdecai' forward

  • 'Dolly ki Doli' - Movie review

    'Dolly ki Doli' - Movie review

    'Dolly' is a strange mish mash of a conwoman and Sati Savitri and so is 'Dolly Ki Doli', which starts out with a lot of promise, but ultimately isn't convincing enough

  • 'Baby' - Movie review

    'Baby' - Movie review

    When was the last time a movie stubbornly stopped your thoughts from wandering even for a fraction of a second? 'Baby' keeps you not only riveted but also with your heart stuck in your mouth

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Dear Diana

'My husband is away at work for days...'

'My husband is away at work for days...'

I have been married for six months. My husband works as a flight pursuer. For over half the month he is away from home...

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You shall wish to delve deep within yourself and try to correct all your shortcomings. Moreover, you shall lean towards spirituality. In the evening you may spend quality time with your loved ones.Read More



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No amount of cribbing over something that has happened in the past is going to alter the circumstances, so let bygones be bygones! Move on with a fresh perspective.Read More