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  • 'pk' - Movie review

    'pk' - Movie review

    The 'pk' script lacks the laugh out loud and memorable moments that Rajkumar Hirani's earlier films had, but nevertheless there is a healthy dose of subtle humour which keeps you chuckling once in a while

  • 'Badlapur Boys' - Movie review

    'Badlapur Boys' - Movie review

    This Hindi film, claiming to be the first-ever on Kabaddi, stays rooted to the ground just as the sport is

  • 'Main Aur Mr Right' - Movie Review

    'Main Aur Mr Right' - Movie Review

    'Main Aur Mr Right' has several interesting elements — not just in terms of its story — that come across as a whiff of breath air. The sad part is they fizzle out either due to lack of depth in execution or plain ignorance concerning stark loopholes

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Dear Diana

'My guy cried to me about his ex...'

'My guy cried to me about his ex...'

My guy, who I have known for the past six months, called to say that his ex flame is threatening him. It came as a huge shock to him as he thought they had amicably gone their ways...

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Your intuition will be strong today, and it may be telling you now to pay more attention to your family. Do that, and you shall feel happier! The week ahead: Your hectic work schedule may leave you with little timefor your family and personal life. Professionally, you will be firing all guns. Yet, ensure that you take care of yourself. Read More



A stray remark, most likely made by your parents or an authority figure, may disturb you today. Relax, take it easy and try to take this in your stride. The week ahead: Luck shall favour you now, helping you succeed in almost anything you do. However, domestic issues may keep you unhappy. Read More



You may be a bit vulnerable today, and people around you may try to take advantage of it by exploiting you or your abilities. Be careful. The week ahead: Businessmen may experience some stress, as there may be some tricky problems, which may not resolve immediately. Avoid taking any major decision this weekRead More



Since you may be in a mood to relax now, your intuition shall come to the fore, which may reveal things, which are best left unsaid. Watch your words. The week ahead: You shall neither be paying much attention to your work nor domestic affairs, but your energies shall be devoted to others, and on activities that bring you personal gratification.Read More



If you wish to enjoy your day off, stay away from petty gossiping, as it will only disturb your mind, when actually what you should be doing is relaxing. The week ahead: Your lateral confidence shall surprise others. Work remains cushy, but studies cause you trouble. Financial loans-related matters remain tricky.Read More



It is time to review your inter-personal and business dealings. Sharpen your discrimination and be careful of getting cheated. The week ahead: This is the best period to start a new love relationship. Those in a relationship may be wary about committing.Read More



Someone is likely to do you a favour today, and you will not only express gratitude, but will also try to return the favour in the best way possible. The week ahead: Expect guests. You may have to get your home redecorated, or repaired. To complete your work, you may have to work from home.Read More



You shall feel satisfied after a good week’s work. Carry forward the same confidence and positivity to your social gatherings today. The week ahead: There may be too much pressure on you now, whether you like it or not, either through email or on the phone. This week, you may also regret some decisions made earlier. Read More



The planetary alignments suggest that things will be smooth on all fronts. Married couples shall need to ensure that they share responsibilities. The week ahead:You may be on the lookout for earning a few extra bucks from some avenue other than your job. Rest assured you have the talents, which you can capitalise on to earn extra.Read More



Your communication skills may need some polishing now. Introspect, make your strategies, and do it today itself, as you may have some free time at hand. The week ahead: You may not be in a mood to accept your flaws now, and nobody shall also dare to tell you anything. Even as this tricky phase operates, you can expect great things to happenRead More



You will face adversities not only calmly, but also with a great deal of wisdom, and you are bound to succeed. The week ahead: Some of you are going to experience some very romantic moments. Take care of your health and fitness, though. Spend more time thinking about life from different perspectives.Read More



Your emotions are likely to overpower your intellect today, so if you need to take any logical decisions, better postpone them for later. The week ahead: Activities related to kids, interactions with siblings and people from different communities are likely. Your contacts shall come handy Read More