BJP likely to give 10 portfolios to Shiv Sena

BJP likely to give 10 portfolios to Shiv Sena

The Bharatiya Janata Party might give smaller ministries, such as dairy, women and child welfare, to the Shiv Sena, a move seen as a ploy to keep Sena in check and monitor its movements

Movie Reviews

  • Movie review: 'Sex Tape'

    Movie review: 'Sex Tape'

    Crummy without a lick of common sense, crass without an ounce of redeeming quality and unfunny beyond belief, Sex Tape qualifies spectacularly in the category of the worst films of the year.

  • Movie review: 'Dracula Untold'

    Movie review: 'Dracula Untold'

    Marvel took the entire filmdom by storm by launching the Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies to lead up to the Avengers

  • Movie review: 'Mumbai 125 KM'

    Movie review: 'Mumbai 125 KM'

    Bollywood has steadily been feeding us with a unique genre of films — supposedly horror but supersilly to the point of hilarity films. Mumbai 125 KM perfectly fits into this category.

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Malavika’s Mumbai

  • A tale of two Delhis

    A tale of two Delhis

    In an evening redolent of another Delhi and like an exotic lotus blooming in a river of saffron, Justice Leila Seth’s book ‘Talking of Justice: People’s Rights in Modern India (Aleph) was launched at the IIC this Monday with a discussion chaired by noted writer and TV personality Sunil Sethi with her son Vikram Seth, the feminist lawyer Vrinda Grover and former solicitor general Gopal Subramaniam

  • Radio Gaga

  • The beautiful game

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Dear Diana

'My husband is addicted to internet porn...'

'My husband is addicted to internet porn...'

My husband and I have a healthy sex life. Last week, however, I found pornography sites on his laptop

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You are likely to develop a liking for the occult sciences today, and may spend considerable time learning about them. Don't use it to harm others. The week ahead: You will take major decisions regarding your business this week, which will keep you so busy that you will not have any time for yourself. Read More



You may have to make a very difficult choice today. Make sure you do it with all your maturity and discrimination with the long-term perspective in mind. The week ahead: During this week you may have to focus on matters related to partnership. You shall share a good rapport but success is not guaranteed.Read More



With a lot of personal work to accomplish, you'll have to slog it out today. In the evening, you'll celebrate with your loved ones. The week ahead: You will come up with great ideas, but if they are not practical, they won’t work. You may be benefited by a colleague of the opposite sex.Read More



If you have been in a committed relationship for long, you'll decide to get married. You may go ahead, as the stars are in your favour. The week ahead: Along with your work, you shall indulge in recreational activities and will ensure that you don't waste your time in fruitless activities. Read More



Your focus will be on your family members today, and you will not let official work to help out your children with their studies. The week ahead: This week is good for selling an old vehicle and buying a new one. Around mid-week, however, some tricky problems could make you anxious. Read More



Your faith in yourself will help you to resolve your personal issues. You will rely on your judgement, rather than others' views. The week ahead: As you are likely to face tough challenges in your profession this week, you need to take appropriate steps to keep your energy levels high.Read More



Muster all your humility and be receptive to the wisdom of elders. Try to settle legal matters, if any, amicably out of court. The week ahead: Don't make impulsive judgements about anything or anyone this week. Look at things from every angle before taking important decisions.Read More



You are charged up to face challenges today. Thanks to your confidence, you will taste success in every task that you take up. The week ahead: You shall enjoy a good rapport with superiors. There shall be a positive change in your public image, and people shall seek your guidanceRead More



Today will be a happening day in your personal sphere. Everyone in your circle will seek your guidance. Your social prestige is bound to rise. The week ahead: In business, you need to be careful while quoting prices for your products, as losses are foreseen. There won't be time for socialising. Read More



You'll feel energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day, radiating positive vibes everywhere you go. Married life shall be smooth and joyous. The week ahead: Your friends shall hold more priority than your family members, and you shall be spending more time with them, and also with colleagues.Read More



Your powers of concentration are amazing. When combined with your positive attitude to life and people around you, it's a winning formula. The week ahead: You might meet some good people and even better professionals this week, but they are unlikely to be of any help to you in the long run.Read More



The possibility of meeting an old friend is strong. It'll put you in a happy and nostalgic frame of mind. You will relish delving into the past. The week ahead: On the professional front, it shall be smooth sailing this week. You shall not be idealistic in your work, but you shall be pragmaticRead More