Maggi noodles: The entire controversy explained

Maggi noodles: The entire controversy explained

Nestle's Maggi noodles being unsafe has taken the entire country by storm. FIR has been filed against renowned Bollywood actors for promoting the brand. Here's how the entire controversy unfolded

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  • 'Welcome To Karachi' - Movie Review

    'Welcome To Karachi' - Movie Review

    Arshad Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani starrer 'Welcome to Karachi' is an attempt at a political satire with the backdrop of the 'explosive' (literally) situation in Pakistan. Worth one watch

  • 'San Andreas' - Movie Review

    'San Andreas' - Movie Review

    The Rock and falling architecture that's good enough excuse to waste some time at the movies, but ultimately that's what 'San Andreas' is, a waste of time, and a tiresome one at that

  • 'Maggie' - Movie Review

    'Maggie' - Movie Review

    Neither is the drama powerful enough to keep you interested, nor are there any cheap thrills for fun. 'Maggie' ultimately is stuck somewhere in between, and is big disappointment, especially for fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Dear Diana

'My boyfriend wants to get physical with me...'

'My boyfriend wants to get physical with me...'

I was attracted to this guy who I met at a conference. We initially interacted because of work, but then started hanging out...

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