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  • Movie review: 'Pizza 3D'

    Movie review: 'Pizza 3D'

    Watch this one. The young director makes a good attempt to give you a good scare. Given the choices that we have these days in this genre, this film definitely stands out

  • Movie Review: 'Hate Story 2'

    Movie Review: 'Hate Story 2'

    'Hate Story 2' is remarkable as it dwells little on erotica but relies more on an engaging story. All in all, not a bad film which also means that it could have been lot better with a decent plot

  • Movie Review: 'Begin Again'

    Movie Review: 'Begin Again'

    'Begin Again' is pure unadulterated romance, with a tinge of dysfunctionality thrown in, and both aspects are fleshed out extremely well. The film will lift you up and sway you around as you watch it

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Dear Diana

'I don't feel like getting married...'

'I don't feel like getting married...'

I am 31 and single. I never fell in love with anyone, even though there was a guy with whom I had got physical once when I was 22

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Money will flow in thick and fast from various sources today. Use it wisely to expand your business or invest to secure your future.Read More



You shall earn a lot of praise for your sincerity and unswerving professionalism. Those of you who are involved in doing some creative work are likely to make rapid progress.Read More



Your outlook on life will turn very positive today, and your popularity among your personal and professional circles will grow. You will help others, it might be just a few words of encouragement that they require.Read More



With some fine-tuning of your attitude, you will manage the challenges of the day quite successfully. Avoid starting anything new today.Read More



Winning hearts comes naturally to you, and people tend to follow your strategies in such matters. From your actions, they realise that discretion is the better part of valour.Read More



Stick to your beliefs with courage come what may. Also, be patient and don't get discouraged by unfavourable events. Maintain a positive outlook always.Read More



Don't get frustrated, if your strategies do not work out as expected. You may have to press on with patience. One day your dreams will come true!Read More



Beware of ego clashes with your spouse today. Try your best to nip all arguments in the bud itself. Thrash out all your differences amicably through open-hearted discussions.Read More



This will be a hectic day for you, but don't panic, you will be able to complete all your work in a timely manner. You will be a lot more relaxed in the evening.Read More



You may expect a day of mixed fortunes today. Some of the events may be extremely negative, but then they shall be more than balanced by other positive events.Read More



Both in your domestic life and in your profession, you will be expected to mix up a lot. Social gatherings and official meetings await you. Enjoy!Read More



It is highly unlikely that your expectations will come true, so to keep disappointment at bay you need to lower your expectations. Relax, and treat yourself, read an interesting book or watch a recent movie.Read More