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  • Movie review: 'Kill Dil'

    Movie review: 'Kill Dil'

    Here's a ghisa pita story so predictable that you could sleep through the middle of it and still not miss a point. But then at places, some scenes have been handled in a delightfully novel manner that you rub your sleepy eyes in disbelief

  • Movie review: 'Garm Hava'

    Movie review: 'Garm Hava'

    A well narrated story transcends time. Forty years after its original release, 'Garm Hava' still manages to evoke emotions that it might have stirred in the hearts of those who were torn between India and Pakistan soon after partition

  • Movie review: '6-5=2'

    Movie review: '6-5=2'

    Fifteen long years after 'The Blair Witch Project', Bollywood's fascination with the much used and abused found footage format continues

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Dear Diana

'I am shocked by my husband's sex chat with strangers...'

'I am shocked by my husband's sex chat with strangers...'

Every night, my husband spends time chatting with girls on the net. He says it is harmless fun and nothing will come of it because he does not reveal his true identity...

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You shall attract all the attention today, both for your beauty and your brains. Try to convert the limelight on you into some productive opportunities.Read More



Negativity is likely to hold you in its grip right from the morning. However, you may look forward to an enjoyable evening with your close friends.Read More



You may look forward to a nice and cheerful day. Someone special is likely to sweep you off your feet, and a long-term relationship seems likely with this person.Read More



In order to steer clear of all the problems surrounding you, learn to restrain your emotional nature. Take all the criticism directed towards you positively.Read More



An atmosphere of bonhomie shall prevail, both in office and home. A get-together with old pals is in store, and may happen at the evening party.Read More



Since you have a keen sense of business, all you need to do today is to strain your brain to hit upon a novel business idea.Read More



Today you will be very conscious about your image, and therefore may visit a beauty salon to get decked up to impress people in a party scheduled for the evening.Read More



On this extremely auspicious day, there is hardly anything that can go wrong. Relationships with friends, business partners, your spouse or sweetheart shall all strengthen.Read More



Ironical though it may sound, today is all about the past. You shall meet up with your long-forgotten childhood friends and enjoy taking a trip down the memory lane.Read More



You will wish to spend your time today with old friends or with your lover, and if your family members interfere in your plans, you shall resent it.Read More



Though you may wish to entertain yourself by playing an outdoor sport, such as football, certain family affairs might force you to stay cooped up indoors.Read More



Success in your endeavours is on the cards, but be wary of jealous people out to malign your reputation. Try to befriend them before they can cause you any harm.Read More