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  • 'Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho' - Movie review

    'Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho' - Movie review

    'Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho' jokes about rape and rape victims, which are perhaps as insensitive and harmful as that of the regressive traditions and beliefs that it set out to make fun of

  • 'Insidious: Chapter 3' - Movie Review

    'Insidious: Chapter 3' - Movie Review

    If horror whets your appetite you can hardly go wrong with 'Insidious: Chapter 3' – it's not often that a good horror film hits theaters, so make the most of it

  • 'Inside Out' - Movie Review

    'Inside Out' - Movie Review

    'Inside Out' is a flat out masterpiece. It's not only the best Pixar film in years but also so complex, so intimate and so enjoyably lovely it becomes a special moment in your life when you're watching it in the theater for the first time

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Dear Diana

'A guy keeps staring at me...'

'A guy keeps staring at me...'

There is this guy at my workplace who keeps looking at me. I have often caught him in action and then he quickly looks away

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Today’s Horoscope



Just at the eleventh hour, your intuition may stop you from committing yourself to a deal that if it had gone through may have made you a victim of deceit. Thank your stars!Read More



You may refuse to see the point of view of your parents today, and they may refuse to see yours. Either just let the things be, or try bridging the chasm with due delicacy. Read More



Your focus today shall be totally on work-related matters. You shall, however, have to keep your emotions at bay. Be careful of people who grab a mile, when you give them an inch.Read More



On this favourable day, you shall feel footloose and fancy-free. You may enjoy fiddling around with your newfangled gadgets, and possibly, romancing your sweetheart in the evening.Read More



With you powers of concentration peaking today, all you shall need to register a resounding victory will be to tweak your modus operandi a bit. Money shall pour in from all sides.Read More



You shall tend to work so hard today that people may think you have become a workaholic, but you know it is a one-off thing, and you shall be back to your normal pace soon.Read More



If you take a risk today, it is likely to benefit you. Your efficiency will get noticed by your superiors in the office and they will support you fully. Avoid confrontations.Read More



Today you shall tend to confide all your deepest feelings in your loved ones, but make sure you do not confide in all and sundry, as some of them may try to exploit you.Read More



Much may have been expected from you by your work organisation, and today with your brilliant performance, you shall prove that your company was not wrong in its choice - i.e. you.Read More



Your ability to use words skilfully to your advantage may be turning a bit rusty. Hone it with some practice, pepper it with some tact and use to charm someone special. Read More



Aquarius : Your enthusiasm and team spirit shall help you achieve your targets for the day with ease. Do participate in some activities that may not be a part of your usual work sphere. Read More



You may confide your deepest sentiments and emotions in your near and dear ones. They will not only appreciate this vote of confidence, but shall also help you overcome a few difficulties.Read More