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  • Movie review: 'Mardaani'

    Movie review: 'Mardaani'

    This Pradeep Sarkar-directed venture offers a pragmatic and compelling story of what it is to chase down the bad guy with Rani Mukerji at her mercurial best as an inspector who simply won't give up

  • Movie review: 'The Expendables 3'

    Movie review: 'The Expendables 3'

    If all the cast members of 'The Expendables 3' paid to see the film on opening night, it would open to a box office of Rs 100 crore. Sadly, this movie is so terrible even the cast members wouldn't pay to see it

  • Movie review: 'Katiyabaaz'

    Movie review: 'Katiyabaaz'

    Katiyabaaz is one of those documentaries, which do a good service by pulling us out of our blissful cocoons and holding the mirror to certain harsh realities within our country

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India 71/2 in 16 Overs (RR 4.44 )
Rohit Sharma 29 (49)*
Ajinkya Rahane 21 (23)
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Dear Diana

'I can't get my eyes off this girl in college...'

'I can't get my eyes off this girl in college...'

I'm fond of this girl in class. In my opinion, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Everybody in college covets her. I don't know what she feels about me...

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Your power of convincing people will serve you a great deal today. Also, you shall concentrate on improving your home and personality.Read More



Your creativity and imagination will reach a new high and this shall enable you to give a stellar performance at work. You may also receive some good news from abroad.Read More



You will not be able to reconcile with the fact that you have buried your emotions deep inside. Due to this, you may become aggressive or take some impulsive decision.Read More



If you show some drive and initiative today, it will fetch you rich dividends, but poking your nose into other peoples' affairs will cost you dearly.Read More



Since you will be in high spirits, no task will seem to be too difficult for you today, and you shall meet all your deadlines with a lot of time to spare.Read More



Today is likely to be a red-letter day for you, as something extremely important is going to happen, which may change the course of your life.Read More



It is not a favourable day, especially on the professional front. Even though you may try hard and put in your best, you are unlikely to taste success.Read More



If some persistent health issues have been pestering you, today you need to get them thoroughly checked up and start the treatment to overcome them.Read More



Thanks to your natural charm, you shall be the cynosure of all eyes at a social gathering that is scheduled to take place in the evening.Read More



Today is such a professionally busy day that you shall be buried under loads of files, and by the end of the day you shall feel thoroughly confused and fatigued.Read More



Today, your true character may get revealed, as you battle all the odds with a steely resolve. You shall beautifully manage to please everyone with your wit and humour.Read More



You shall work very hard today towards achieving a certain objective so that you can provide a higher standard of living to your near and dear ones.Read More