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  • 'Mortdecai' - Movie review

    'Mortdecai' - Movie review

    If only the director David Koepp had spent more time writing good jokes instead of focusing on Johnny Depp's star power to propel 'Mortdecai' forward

  • 'Dolly ki Doli' - Movie review

    'Dolly ki Doli' - Movie review

    'Dolly' is a strange mish mash of a conwoman and Sati Savitri and so is 'Dolly Ki Doli', which starts out with a lot of promise, but ultimately isn't convincing enough

  • 'Baby' - Movie review

    'Baby' - Movie review

    When was the last time a movie stubbornly stopped your thoughts from wandering even for a fraction of a second? 'Baby' keeps you not only riveted but also with your heart stuck in your mouth

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Dear Diana

I'm mad about this guy I met recently...

I'm mad about this guy I met recently...

I recently started working. One of the guys at my work place is really sweet. Another girl in the office fancies him and literally stalks him...

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You may taste sweet success in your endeavours. The evening will bring the spiritual streak in you to the fore; you may take to meditation. The week ahead: Overall, this is going to be a favourable week for you. Whether you are a businessman, professional or a freelancer, you will stand to gain.Read More



Give reason and logic a chance over emotions and feelings, before you take any major decisions today. Stay focussed in your approach to problems. The week ahead: You will get ample opportunities for growth this week. Freelancers will have to work hard, though. Professionals will be financially comfortable. Read More



You will look to elevate your social standing today. Evening shall bring your generous side to the fore, which will help you in this purpose. The week ahead: Things may be a bit tricky on the financial front this week. Money will surely pour in from unexpected sources, but expenses will also increase. Romance is on the cards.Read More



Be watchful and alert in order to thwart the designs of your enemies. Business rivals and your delicate health may give you some trouble. The week ahead: Despite challenging times on the personal front, you shall focus hard on work. This is going to be a favourable week for businessmen and freelancers. Read More



There will be a spring in your step, and a song in your heart today. You will take things easily, and shall spend some happy time with your dear ones. The week ahead: The stars indicate a favourable week for businessmen, while professionals may have to raise the bar to make further progress. Read More



Challenges may bring about the best in you today. Not only will you be cool and composed, but the support of your loved ones shall be of great help. The week ahead: A favourable week for romance. You shall enjoy some pleasant moments with your spouse. Singles will enjoy the company of their partners. Read More



An unpleasant situation may put you in a tight spot, putting your integrity test. However, you will adopt a positive attitude. The week ahead: Disputes, whether personal or professional, may lead to problems. They could damage relationships, so handle situations very carefully. Read More



Your full focus today will be on cultivating healthy eating habits and exercising regularly to stay away from health disorders. The week ahead: Things are likely to become monotonous for professionals this week, so you may have to think things afresh. Freelancers may be frustrated with tough clients. Read More



Your spirits will soar today, and you will find yourself on cloud nine. You shall have a lucky run through the day. Do listen to your inner voice though. The week ahead: There will be a positive change in the attitude of your life-partner, which will improve domestic harmony. In turn, this will make you also very positive. Read More



You may be gripped by a strong nostalgic feeling today, and in trying to recreate the bygone times, you may get in touch with old friends. The week ahead: This week you shall enjoy your professional and romantic life. Businessmen will get orders from far and wide. Married life shall be smooth; you will sort out differences, if any.Read More



Today, you shall need to confide your deepest emotions to your near and dear ones, as bottling them up will only make you feel suffocated. The week ahead: Even though your financial situation may be far from comfortable, you shall receive unstinting support from your spouse, which will strengthen your personal bonding. Read More



Even though you feel emotional about people who are close to you, it would be prudent to not blindly forgive their mistakes today. The week ahead: You shall tend to be impulsive this week, but you would do well to stay calm and tackle situations, at home or office, in a mature fashion.Read More