Shiv Sena-BJP and Congress-NCP finally part ways

Shiv Sena-BJP and Congress-NCP finally part ways

Leaders from all four parties stay mum about their decision to contest independently, but their actions speak volumes. BJP, Congress ignore their alliance partners and finalise list of candidates

I'm no longer commitment phobic: Shahid Kapoor

I'm no longer commitment phobic: Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor talks about his upcoming film, 'Haider', being single, link-up rumours, working with his father and sister, and the desire to do a dance-based project and more in a candid chat

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CLT20 2014 - Champions League Twenty20 2014

Live Cricket Score

Lahor Lions
Kolkata Knight Riders
kolkata won by 4 wickets
Cricket Full Scoreboard

Dear Diana

'I am caught in an unhappy marriage...'

'I am caught in an unhappy marriage...'

I am 51 and in an unhappy marriage. I have a female friend who is single and in my age group. We keep in touch over the phone mostly due to office work...

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