Nepal Earthquake: The day the Earth shook

Nepal Earthquake: The day the Earth shook

The 7.9-magnitude earthquake lasted all of 20 seconds at 11.41 am on Saturday. Worst in 80 years, its devastation spread to India as buildings collapsed, roads cracked and communication broke down

Movie Reviews

  • 'Jai Ho Democracy' - Movie Review

    'Jai Ho Democracy' - Movie Review

    As is the case with most attempts at satire in Bollywood, 'Jai Ho Democracy' also ended up being more slapstick than sarcastic

  • 'Kaagaz ke Fools' - Movie Review

    'Kaagaz ke Fools' - Movie Review

    Unlike the 1959 Gurudutt classic 'Kagaz Ke Phool', 2015's 'Kaagaz ke Fools' is so regressive and dated that it just might have made some sense back in the 50s

  • 'Mr. X' - Movie review

    'Mr. X' - Movie review

    In his endeavour to create an invisible man, Vikram Bhatt appears to have overlooked the storyline. Wish he had paid attention to other details as well

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Dear Diana

'I caught my girl getting physical with another guy...'

'I caught my girl getting physical with another guy...'

Two weeks ago, I caught my girlfriend with another man. I have been with her for two years. I caught them getting intimate in a car park...

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Your life partner shall hold the upper hand today, because you may have been neglecting your domestic responsibilities. The week ahead: Your positive approach to your responsibilities will drive you to achieve a lot this week. Your ideas will be very practical, and your dedication will impress your peers and superiors alike.Read More



Despite facing complicated and tough situations, your competence and resourcefulness shall enable you to navigate smoothly through the troubled waters. The week ahead: Professionals may have to work hard to desired results and wait patiently for the rewards to set in. On the financial front, brace up for unexpected expenses.Read More



The high expectations of your close friends and family members could irritate you, but you shall nevertheless manage to satisfy all their desires. The week ahead: Travel may open up new avenues or forge new relationships, this week. Home and health will need care. In relationship matters, sort out your priorities. Read More



Health issues may cause you some concern today, so you need to take appropriate precautions, as per the season. The week ahead: This week you shall enjoy some quality time with your family. Your financial situation will also be good, and you may start looking for suitable avenues to invest your funds.Read More



If you have made elaborate travel plans, be prepared to either cancel them altogether, or truncate them because of some unforeseen event happening. The week ahead: You may feel a bit low in the initial stages of the week. Try not to become hot-headed and over-reactive, or your perspective may be coloured by prejudice.Read More



Since you are bored with the monotony of your daily chores, today seems to be the ideal day to go out, socialise, and make merry. The week ahead: Focus zooms on career matters. Rest assured that your dedication shall earn you rewards. Financially, things may be a bit tighter. Read More



This is an auspicious day to begin a long-pending renovation project at your home. At least, you need to deck up your living room since guests are expected. The week ahead: You shall spend quality time with friends, as you may feel guilty of neglecting them of late. The uncooperative attitude of people at home or work may irritate you. Read More



Use your charms to full effect to influence people around you, including your distant relatives. The day is good to kick-start a new domestic project. The week ahead: The present planetary alliances do not support change. So, it would be best if you stick to your present job and work with full dedication, just in case you are looking for green pastures.Read More



You are a leader, both in your professional and personal circles. What you initiate today will be followed religiously by others in your immediate vicinity. The week ahead: Optimistic and self-confident, you shall perform with great efficiency, managing to slay the deadlines with quite a charming ease. Domestic front may require care, though. Read More



Lady luck shall smile down on you today, so whatever projects you choose to undertake will be appreciated by friends, colleagues and relatives. The week ahead: Balancing work and home may remain a task! Nonetheless, on your part, you shall manage admiringly well. Despite this, your relations with a colleague may remain under duress. Read More



All your opponents are going to feel the heat as you are in the mood to prove your mettle, and shall set such a pace that others cannot emulate. The week ahead: It may not be possible for you to meet the expectations of all and sundry this week. Relax! Sometimes, it's best to Not try at all, hints Ganesha. Read More



You may be more inclined towards intellectual pursuits rather than fulfilling your professional duties. Don't neglect the responsibilities entrusted to you. The week ahead: Matters related to personal life and career may keep you occupied mentally and physically. Excessive workload may drain you out. Read More