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  • Why I kept Ajinkya Rahane out

    A cricket coach-cum-cartoonist Austin Coutinho reveals how Ajinkya Rahane was discouraged to play for a particular local team since it involved a lot of traveling

  • Those were the days

    Cartoonist and former fast bowler Austin Coutinho said:

  • A slice of humour

    Back in the '60s, for me, Mario Miranda was 'God'! I would lie in bed, incapacitated by asthma - wondering where my next breath would come from - and live in the make believe world of Mario's cartoons

  • 1983 World Cup team had a great sense of humour

    "The best thing about the 1983 team was that we enjoyed each other's company. We had fun and each member had a terrific sense of humour. We used to tease and pull each other's leg whenever we got an opportunity. No one was spared including Sunil Gavaskar," said Balvinder Singh Sandhu, who got India the first wicket of the 1983 final against the West Indies. Sandhu, who has written a book on his 1983 teammates, clean bowled Gordon Greenidge for 1. Story & Video By - Rohan Koli,MiD-DAY

  • The devil's pack

    Right now, I am very exited about the release of my book, The Devil's Pack on today. It's a book on my World Cup 1983 team-mates, written with Austin Coutinho

  • Facts of the matter

    The World Cup is not only about goals, but also interesting anecdotes and stats. Relish them!