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  • CCTV footage: Coach allegedly molests female TT player

    Scandalous CCTV footage shows a male coach dragging a female player out of her hotel room while the girl was seen trying her best to defy the coach’s attempt. Video courtesy: YouTube

  • TT coach suspended after CCTV footage shows physical altercation with female player

    A CCTV footage today created a controversy as it showed a table tennis coach and a girl player getting involved in a physical confrontation outside a hotel room in Andhra Pradesh, following which the player-cum coach was suspended

  • Raghunathji temple theft: SIT releases pictures of 3 suspects

    The Special Investigating Team (SIT) investigating the theft of ancient idols from Raghunathji temple in Kullu has released seven pictures of three suspects and has asked for the public's help to identify them

  • RTOs show accident clippings to caution prospective drivers

    The city’s Regional Transport Offices (RTO), responsible for handing out driving licences, has started the practice of showing CCTV footage of road accidents to prospective drivers, who come to get their learners’ licence

  • Esther Anuhya rape, murder case: Main suspect arrested

    Mumbai Police nab Chandraban Sanap alias Ekka for the murder of software engineer Esther Anuhya. Sanap, a history sheeter was arrested, after cops identified him through CCTV footage at LTT station

  • Fresh leads emerge in Esther Anuhya murder case

    Investigators stumble upon LTT Station CCTV footage that shows suspect chatting with a railway staffer, who revealed that the suspect was drunk and trying to board a train without a ticket

  • Esther Anuhya murder case: Victim, suspect spotted in CCTV footage from LTT

    Police are currently investigating the role played by a man who is seen walking ahead of the woman in the video footage, carrying her bag at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus

  • CCTV footage shows blurred images of assailants escaping

    Two people on a black bike can be seen fleeing from the scene after committing the crime in the footage from an ATM camera

  • Mahabodhi blasts: NIA releases sketch of suspect

    Struggling to find a breakthrough in the Bodh Gaya blasts probe, NIA today released the sketch of a person who was seen moving in suspicious manner before the serial blasts at Mahabodhi temple premises.

  • Metro CCTV footage leaked shows intimate couple

    The footage recorded by security cameras in Metro trains and stations can only be accessed by DMRC officials and CISF personnel, who look after the security. Video courtesy: Youtube

  • Bodh Gaya blasts: Sleuths spot six suspects in CCTV clips

    Six suspects, including a woman, have been spotted in CCTV footage by investigators probing the 10 bomb explosions at Bodh Gaya's Mahabodhi temple in Bihar, police officials said Tuesday.

  • Smash and grab robbery at jewellery store

    Video surveillance images show five suspects inside the store smashing the display case and running off, with a uniformed security guard in pursuit. The police report said a sixth suspect was outside the store, acting as a lookout. The entire heist was captured by security cameras, and the footage has been released by the Atlanta Police Department, which has appealed to the public to help it identify the thieves. Video courtesy: Youtube/ WorldHeadlines!!!

  • Delhi gangrape: Jail CCTV footage shows accused not attacked by inmates

    A fast track court, hearing the Dec 16, 2012 gangrape case, Wednesday said the CCTV recording provided by Tihar Jail authorities does not show that accused Vinay Sharma was beaten up by other inmates.

  • CCTV shows men flung into air after BMW hit and run

    A 25-year-old man died after a motorcycle he was riding pillion on was hit by a speeding BMW car in Ahmedabad late Sunday night. Video courtesy: NDTV

  • Hyderabad bomb blasts Suspect captured on CCTV footage

    The investigators are scanning the images recorded on a Closed Circuit Television or CCTV camera mounted on a traffic signal near the blast site in Dilsukhnagar, police sources said. A man believed to be in his early 30s was seen reaching the place on a bicycle with a bag hung to its carrier a few minutes before the blasts, and then leaving on foot. (Video courtesy: 10 TV)

  • Hawker was alive when he entered hospital after Dhoble's raid

    According to police, CCTV footage shows the deceased vendor Madan Jaiswal arriving on a bike and walking into VN Desai hospital with two of his friends; doctors have attributed this to a lucid interval, which is a phase of temporary improvement in a person with a brain injury

  • CCTV footage shows man dumping wife body with kids help

    Chilling video of children helping killer dad dump mother's body. Unaware that his neighbour had installed CCTV cameras, Shashi Rajan Singh, along with his two children, were caught on camera keeping the body in an autorickshaw and leaving the area. Footage also shows them leaving their house the next morning with luggage in tow. Story & Video By: Team MiD DAY

  • Caught on camera Cop violence at Enrique concert in Pune

    Some people who were in Pune at the Enrique Inglesias concert were allegedly roughed up by the police. The organisers and the cops have vastly differing versions of why. The organisers say that on Wednesday night, a senior policeman who had been granted complimentary passes tried to bring in more guests. When he was stopped, he allegedly hit an organiser and a few people working the event with a stick. Video courtesy: NDTV

  • After Mumbai CCTV shows another child disappearing from Pune station

    The Pune police has released security camera footage of a 12-year-old being kidnapped at the city's main railway station. Yesterday, the Mumbai police shared security camera pictures of a man kidnapping a young girl at the city's Chattrapati Shivaji station a month ago. Video courtesy: NDTV

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