• Lindsay Pereira: Stop driving Mumbaikars nuts

    Taxi and auto unions don't seem to understand that if they refuse to ply, we will just look for someone else to ferry us at a reasonable price

  • mid-day editorial: Shame on you, online abusers

    Those who harass women online tend to think of them as easy targets. But women are no longer willing to take this abuse lying down. Instead, they have now started to turn the tables on these cowardly perpetrators by dumping all the shame on them, like one woman from Juhu who found obscene messages from four men in her Facebook inbox

  • Rosalyn D'Mello: Why should boys have all the booze?

    As a society, we rarely discuss the relationship between women and alcohol, as if our biological constitution bars us from such pleasures

  • mid-day editorial: Schools cannot fail in cleanliness

    Yesterday, this paper carried an extensive report on a Marathi municipal school in Erangal village in Marve, where basic facilities are either absent or leave much to be desired

  • 'Awesome Chawsome'

    "If I had a slight inkling, I’d have probably dressed better!" said our former colleague, Jitesh Pillai, the editor of one of the country's oldest film journals, about what he described as the 'mad crazy night!' when his friends threw a surprise party to bring in his 40th birthday

  • Clayton Murzello: Kandly remember this cricket gent!

    Harendra Upadhyaya, better known as Kandly, is another Mumbai cricket personality to head to the eternal pavilion after a fine innings

  • mid-day editorial: Don't play with people's lives

    Mumbai is now officially one of those cities all over the world that have taken the obsession over Pokemon Go too far

  • Sister vibes

    "She is my little sister, but a big bully who tortures me regularly," said Twinkle Khanna on the occasion of her sister Rinkie Khanna's birthday yesterday

  • Ranjona Banerji: Cast(e)ing a shadow on the nation

    It is ridiculous for the upper caste, with all its privileges, to play the victim and turn a blind eye to the real victims of discrimination

  • mid-day editorial: Let's give these penguins some TLC

    Eight Humboldt penguins reached the Byculla zoo from South Korea, yesterday, bringing to an end all the controversy and speculation that erupted ever since it became public knowledge that the authorities planned to import the exotic birds

  • Celebrating Tony

    Ram Jethmalani's Oxford educated lawyer son, Mahesh (Tony) Jethmalani, has always been swashbuckling, given his film star good looks, and legendary gift of the gab

  • Deepa Gahlot: Welcome back to the stage

    It’s heartening to see that even after finding success in films, so many actors return to theatre for the sheer love of the stage and audience

  • mid-day editorial: Our Rio team needs our support

    Sports minister Vijay Goel has now hinted that wrestler Narsingh Yadav's prospects of participating at the Rio Olympics are virtually over after he failed a dope test. However, he did add that the wrestler would be given a fair chance to defend himself

  • The Kashmir connection

    The beauteous Ayesha Thapar's grandmother, her mother Jyoti Thapar's mother, was a friend of our mum's from their Srinagar days

  • Dharmendra Jore: Don't take us for a ride

    Taxis and autos must upgrade their service skills, rather than arm-twist commuters

  • Fiona Fernandez: Of monsoons and mourning facades

    Mumbai’s centuries-old heritage buildings require some serious R&R after every monsoon

  • Aditya Sinha: What I think of when I'm walking

    Long strolls are my refuge from nationalism and terrorism, two sides of the same coin that threaten individual life, liberty and happiness

  • mid-day editorial: BMC, sharpen your phone etiquette

    Mumbai's pothole saga continues. An extensive report in this paper has shown that instead of responding to calls by citizens about the potholes across Mumbai, BMC engineers want to know why they were not told that their numbers were being made public as per the Bombay High Court order to make the numbers of those responsible for bad roads available to the public

  • Art, sport, culture and more

    "I only dropped by to pay my respects to Rajeev Sethi, after my meeting the PM to launch the Reliance Foundation Youth Sports initiative to promote sports consciousness in the country," says Nita Ambani about her weekend sojourn to the Capital, which sources say left many in her thrall

  • Meher Marfatia: Whose lane is it anyway?

    Just how Italian are the four Pasta lanes of Colaba is really the question