• Rosalyn D'Mello: Here's why I stand with Pachauri's victims

    Like many women, this columnist recalls her own brush with abuse, which also ended in an attempt to shame the victim into silence

  • mid-day editorial: Spare a thought for our soldiers

    Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad, dug out alive after being buried under ice for six days in the Siachen glacier, died yesterday

  • Musically inclined

    The Bachchans and their passion for music are well known. Amitabh has gone on record to say that one of his dearest wishes is that he had learnt how to play an instrument

  • Clayton Murzello: Kanga Library's revival will be a laurel

    Mumbai Cricket Association has a golden opportunity to uplift an institution that welcomes patrons, players & fans in equal measure

  • mid-day editorial: A TERI-ble travesty of justice

    The government may have tightened laws against sexual harassment at the workplace, but not much has changed for the victims, as clearly demonstrated by The Energy Research Institute (TERI) recently retaining former institute chief R K Pachauri, who stands accused of sexually harassing and stalking a colleague

  • Aamir's weighty matters

    Aamir Khan is finally back in town, after a hectic month-long outdoor schedule, for his upcoming wrestling biopic Dangal, which according to sources, has been one of the most challenging projects he’s been involved with

  • Ranjona Banerji: All is not fair and lovely in India

    We may be a nation where fairness creams fly off the shelves, but our society is quite unfair when it comes to racism or any discrimination

  • Deepa Gahlot: Inside the global village of theatre

    Theatre has the power to bring home global issues and debates, and give local audiences a jolt of reality every now and then

  • mid-day editorial: Get to the bottom of the garbage problem

    The recent fire at the Deonar dumping ground, and the resulting blanket of smoke enveloping the city, claimed a 13-year-old victim over the weekend. Shifa Mohammed Isak, a resident of Umar Khadi, lost her life after the smoke aggravated the TB she had been battling for six months.

  • Fiona Fernandez: The write way

    Mumbai could take a leaf out of the UK’s book when it comes to respecting and promoting our many assets, whether it’s literature or differently-abled citizens

  • Dharmendra Jore: A tale of two presidents

    Whether it’s Ashok Chavan in the Congress’ state unit, or Sanjay Nirupam in the Mumbai division, both face challenges not from rivals outside but within the party

  • Aditya Sinha: Do we bleed blue, black or another colour?

    Years ago, a child’s innocent question opened this columnist’s eyes to the debate on caste, colour and race that rages on even to this day

  • mid-day editorial: Mumbaikars must protect their turf

    Post Derby, the dust is still swirling on the picturesque track of the Mahalaxmi racecourse

  • The 'Me and Ranveer' series

    This appears to be the start of a long running, 'Selfie with Ranveer Singh series.' Alert readers might recall a recent picture we'd carried on this page, featuring the putative mustachioed star, with the Indophile academic Rachel Dwyer, shot on the day before his screen test

  • Anand Pendharkar: Wetland watch

    Last weekend was a very enjoyable time for my interns and me, as we gathered nearly 150 kids and adults at the Sewri Bay, along the east coast of Mumbai, for our Annual World Wetlands’ Day — Wader and Flamingo Watch

  • Meher Marfatia: Mother Bombay

    She was the Urban Legend of Legends. She was the reason I write this column.

  • Meenakshi Shedde: How movies start

    I’ve just returned from the Bengaluru International Film Festival (BIFFES), where I was on the jury for Indian films

  • Devdutt Pattanaik: Prosecuting the Gods

    Why would the Indian judiciary admit a case where Ram of the Ramayana will be tried for abandoning his pregnant wife in the forest?

  • Rahul Da Cunha: Shaadi.come

    So, I’ve been invited to a wedding, a big fat Indian ‘shaadi’, next month. Nothing unusual about that

  • Paromita Vohra: The numbers game

    There is something about numbers that is presented as superior. For instance, when you say you like something, there will always be some realist, yaniki cynic, who will snort “that’s all ok, but show me the numbers”