• Anand Pendharkar Column: Mud-puddling

    Getting dirty is not a foreign concept to wild or domestic animals. This goes for our urban kids too. It’s obviously a nightmare for parents who fear the myriad germs in the soil

  • Meher Marfatia Column: Guns and roses

    My daughter flew out of Paris two hours before bullets bloodied the city of love. That fateful Friday marked the end of her month of backpacking through Europe with a pair of friends

  • Paromita Vohra Column: Thin skin deep

    "I don't want to debate. I want to talk about my pain." This line is from an email written by a student at Yale, where student activists had been campaigning for Halloween costumes to be more politically sensitive and correct, instead of causally racist and sexist in the name of fun

  • Nupur Mahajan Column: The Secret (ours)

    Some of us are hard-coded positive — we function on the belief that no matter how many members throng the CCI we will find a parking slot. That too in the main foyer… and, we do

  • Devdutt Pattanaik Column: Scanners for menstrual blood

    If you want to project the temple of Ayyappa at Sabarimala in Kerala, and Hinduism as general, as an indicator of communal harmony, you can point to the dargah of Vavar-swami that is an integral part of the pilgrimage to the mountain shrine

  • Rahul da Cunha Column: Boggles the Emoji-nation!

    Ever since emojis have made it to the Oxford dictionary, I’m obsessed with these 'face with tears of joy'

  • Kanchan Gupta Column: Thank you Aamir Khan for your view

    My mother was fond of reading books. Or maybe I should say she was fond of reading

  • mid-day editorial: Stop making a mockery of Test cricket

    In Australia, administrators have ignored apprehensions about the pink ball and gone ahead to host the first ever day-night Test being contested by Australia and New Zealand at the Adelaide Oval

  • Vanita Kohli-Khandekar Column: Changing the male stereotype

    It was day one of the National Film Development Corporation’s Film Bazaar in Goa last week, I was listening to the conversations around me

  • mid-day editorial: Our 26/11 heroes deserve better

    The 26/11 martyrs’ memorial in Kalyan is crumbling and filthy. The spot itself is overrun by vagrants who hang clothes, throw rubbish and even sleep there

  • Selfie support

    To coincide with the unveiling of Shaheen Abbas’ third stint as jewellery designer with Gehna Jewellers, five of her BFFs, namely Mini Mathur, Maria Goretti, Neha Dhupia, Aditi Rao and Huma Qureshi we are told, erupted spontaneously into a series of perfectly composed selfies on Instagram to support/promote their friend

  • mid-day editorial: More power to Mumbai Police

    Spelling an end to moral policing, top cops have decided to no longer use the draconian Section 110 under the Bombay Police Act

  • Clayton Murzello Column: When the big boys played at night

    To the current Australian and New Zealand cricket teams, tomorrow, November 27, 2015, will be remembered as a special day in their careers — the day the lights came on in Test cricket

  • High-powered nuptials

    For someone who has lived through many a Delhi winter, and attended many a Delhi winter summit/wedding/cultural soiree/farmhouse party, the fact that the Arun Jaitley family wedding will follow on the heels of a well known newspaper’s leadership summit, gives rise to much idle speculation

  • mid-day editorial: Aamir has every right to express his views

    Aamir Khan speaking out on what he thinks is the growing tolerance in India has led to heated debates outside and even within the Bollywood industry

  • Ranjona Banerji Column: Dealing with tennis withdrawal

    Of all the things that the end of the year means to all of us, to the diehard tennis fan it means being bereft and lonely for a month and a half

  • League of Outsiders who made it

    Each time we meet Yes Bank’s Chairman Rana Kapoor, after giving us a ten-tonne bone-crunching handshake, he reminds us of a random conversation we had in the lobby of the Taj in the run-up to the last general election where he had correctly predicted the ascension of Narendra Modi as PM of India

  • Barkha Dutt's toughest stint

    "It's perhaps the toughest thing I’ve ever done. I'm not a 'writer' in that sense," says our friend, Barkha Dutt, who by any standards has done some pretty tough things in her life

  • Kudos to Khandala's young heroes

    There are several lessons we can learn from Sunday’s accident on the Pune-Satara Highway, in which two luxury buses collided head-on, killing one and injuring 45

  • What do Indian Muslims want to hear?

    Actually, nobody quite knows the answer to that question. And presumptions have led to riots, misplaced priorities and disaffection of millions