• Deepa Gahlot: Theatre for kids is no child's play

    Kids are not the easiest audience, but theatre groups manage to make them laugh and even teach them a thing or two with summer plays

  • mid-day editorial: Comical controversy has gone too far

    Comedian Tanmay Bhat has stirred a hornet’s nest with a video in which he takes digs at the Nightingale of India, Lata Mangeshkar, and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar

  • Storm in a C-Cup

    It is a veritable storm in a C-Cup and the amount of chatter it's generated amongst some of India’s most high profile gals is not surprising

  • Dharmendra Jore: Lifetime opportunity for ambitious Narayan Rane

    The former CM needs to learn from his mistakes and emerge as a strong alternative to those trying to control the state Congress unit

  • Fiona Fernandez: Terminal wellness

    CST, the headquarters of Central Railway deserved a birthday gift, just like the commuter who’s been a loyal survivor

  • mid-day editorial: Time to banish racist stereotypes

    There is a huge controversy brewing over the nature and genesis of attacks on different groups of African nationals, who were assaulted by residents of three villages in Chattarpur area of south Delhi late last week

  • Lalit advising Vijay?

    Readers might recall an item we’d written about a unique consultancy service allegedly thought up by high-flying fugitive Lalit Modi

  • Anand Pendharkar: Mumbai's coast guards

    I have been exploring Mumbai’s coastline for over three decades in search of birds, crabs, fish and other marine fauna

  • Meenakshi Shedde: A toast to Sir Ian

    YOU’VE been at it for quite some time, haven’t you?” said Queen Elizabeth II to the great Shakespearean actor Sir Ian McKellen, while knighting him

  • Meher Marfatia: Thank god it's a boy?

    BMC statistics suggest the city’s child sex ratio is at an all-time high, but 11 wards still show a skewed drop. How long will son worship remain an obsession?

  • Paromita Vohra: The tip of your tongue

    Last week, two artists were painting an Urdu poem, in the Nastaliq script on a Delhi wall, when a crowd gathered

  • Rahul Da Cunha: From Macbeth to Magneto

    I was fortunate to be at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, the evening Mumbai met Magneto. When Aamir Khan interviewed a real actor — Sir Ian McKellen

  • Devdutt Pattanaik: Caste Purana

    THE Adi Purana, or primary Purana, mother of all later Puranas, constituted the fifth Veda compiled by Vyasa, as it presented Vedic ideas in story form

  • Lindsay Pereira: All in the name of nepotism

    Why single out the Nehru-Gandhi family when politics, films and our roads and airports are all dominated by dynasties?

  • mid-day editorial: Time to heal Dombivli's wounds

    Even as the death toll continues to rise, Dombivli will carry the scars of the chemical factory explosion for years. After four blasts from a chemical factory shook the central suburb, the place seems to be unrecognizable and it will take all of Mumbai's famed resilience for it to bounce back to what it was

  • Rosalyn D'Mello: The secret to being broke and happy

    The pursuit of dreams may interfere with a healthy bank balance but provides a fulfillment that is otherwise hard to find

  • mid-day editorial: Call out pejorative, sexist views

    A while ago, a Kerala woman cop slammed a piece in a Hindi daily listing 11 beautiful IAS and IPS officers in the country.

  • The legend's tee

    By now everyone will have told you about the star-studded line up at the seventh Kashish International Queer film fest on Wednesday night.

  • Clayton Murzello: Hello, I have some news for you

    While pacer Shardul Thakur got the news of his India selection on a train, Ravi Shastri got his via a hotel watchman. More such anecdotes...

  • mid-day editorial: It's time to clean (jail)house

    Even in prison, the rich and the corrupt have it easy. Gourmet food, booze, cigarettes and several other luxuries at the command of inmates able and willing to shell out lakhs to grease the palms of crooked jail officials, as yesterday’s front-page report in this paper highlighted