dear diana

  • 'I have planned a surprise for her...'

    The girl I like, has agreed to spend time with me on Valentine's Day. I did not have the courage to ask her, but earlier this week I told her...

  • 'My best friend is behaving strange...'

    I have been friends with this girl in my neighbourhood since my childhood days. We attended the same school as well as the same college...

  • 'My mother does not like my pal...'

    I am 21 years old and doing a postgraduate course in computer animation. At the training centre, I am friendly with one of the guys

  • 'My guy sweats a lot...'

    I am obsessed with cleanliness and neatness, but my guy has poor personal hygiene levels. He often stinks and pays scant regard to being presentable...

  • 'I did not know what was going on in her mind...'

    I was dumped by my girlfriend after being together for four years. We spoke of a future together, but little did I know what was going on in her mind

  • 'She wants me to relocate...'

    I got married a year ago. It was an arranged marriage. I will not say that all is well in our marriage as we have been having our share of differences

  • 'My office manager has the hots for me...'

    I have been working in a travel agency for the last two years...

  • 'I can't handle her temper tantrums...'

    My girlfriend loses her temper at the drop of a hat. She has severe anger management issues...

  • 'My wife's former flame is back in her life...'

    For the past two months, I have been noticing that my wife is glued to her cell phone. She was not like this before. We have been married for 10 months...

  • 'He wants me to go out with him...'

    I have been friendly with this guy for a while now. We have been talking a lot on the phone and hanging out together at malls besides watching movies together...

  • 'I am attracted to my brother's girlfriend...'

    My brother and his girlfriend keep fighting often. Though they have been together for two years, it has been a rocky relationship. His girlfriend often turns to me to relate her sob story

  • 'My guy has some peculiar habits...'

    I have been with this guy for over a year. He is nice and caring, but has some peculiar habits. Initially, blinded by love, I used to think it was cute. But now it is getting on my nerves

  • 'She refuses to acknowledge me...'

    I was friendly with this girl for about a month. We used to travel together in the Metro daily...

  • 'There is a new reason to live...'

    I am a 59-year-old widower. My wife passed away 12 years ago. I have a son who is 30 years old and married. He stays in the neighbouring flat. He is busy at work throughout the day...

  • 'He refuses to tell me what has gone wrong...'

    For the last three weeks, my guy has stopped talking to me. It was sudden and unexpected. I had no inkling of what was going on in his mind...

  • 'My ex is still after me...'

    Two years after I broke up with my guy, he still keeps tabs on me. I know this for sure as one of his pals is friendly with me. He informs me that my ex wants to know what I am doing and where I am going

  • 'I have heard some shocking stuff about my guy...'

    I have been with this guy for over a year. Now, when we were planning to make things official and get engaged, a friend of his has made some startling revelations about him

  • 'He refuses to listen to me...'

    My guy is nice and caring, but he can be quite a bore at the same time. He hates to party and would rather sit at home glued to the TV. He will not do anything until I force him

  • 'I keep thinking about her...'

    Ever since I met this girl during the recent Lohri festival, I can’t get her out of my head. All the building folk had gathered in the compound to celebrate. She accompanied one of the neighbours... 

  • 'I like my friend's mother...'

    I'm 17 and I find my friend's mother hot. She's nice to me and offers me some amazing food whenever I visit their house. She looks quite young...