• Delhi's Guppy pops up in Mumbai

    After the success of the pop-up of Goan restaurant Thalassa, Olive will now host Japanese restaurant Guppy By Ai from Delhi

  • Neon confusion at Rude Lounge

    Rude Lounge is the newest entrant that tries to woo tipplers from Mulund and Thane. But does it manage to stir things up?

  • Celebrate this Eid with a royal feast

    Chef Mukhtar Qureshi prepares a 17-dish Shahi Dastarkhwan on the occasion of Eid, a lavish feast fit for royalty

  • Interesting recipes of dishes made from leftover food items

    The next time you throw away last night’s dal, roti and rice in the bin, stop and think. Are you throwing away a potential Kothu Parotta or an Arancini?

  • Fast, fresh and simple food at this Worli Village cafe

    Tucked in a corner at Worli Village, Cafe Nemo, which opens on August 1, boasts of minimalistic settings and offers light food with complex flavours, making it a perfect hangout for friends

  • A Michelin star food delivery service at Bandra

    Catering to 'yummy food' cravings is a new delivery service in Bandra called 8

  • New book on delicacies from Kutchi Memon cuisine

    As Ramzan Id draws near, explore an untapped cuisine in Husna Rahaman's title, Spice Sorcery that offers fascinating insight into the culture and lesser-known recipes of the Kutchi Memon community. Excerpts from an interview with the author

  • Special menu at this Bandra burger joint

    One of the most popular burger joints, Between Breads has launched a monthly initiative called Friends of BB that will include a collaboration with a chef/home chef/caterer and set up a special menu for just 10 days of the month

  • Savour authentic Bengali food at this Powai eatery

    This monsoon, satiate your tastebuds with authentic cutlets, fish and preparations, Kolkata-style, courtesy Cafe Boda at Powai

  • Revealed! Average adults eat 92 per cent of what's on the plate

    New study reveals findings after analysing diners in eight developed countries, the US, Canada, France, Taiwan, Korea, Finland, and the Netherlands

  • Alleged action of Shiv Sena MPs shows their mindset: Kamal Nath

    Congress leader Kamal Nath today attacked Shiv Sena over an alleged incident of forcing a Muslim to eat a chapati to break his Ramzan fast, saying it shows their mindset

  • Rotten meat scandal in China hits Starbucks

    The US coffee chain Starbucks has withdrawn some of its sandwiches from its stores in China following a scandal affecting one of its meat suppliers, Shanghai Husi Food Co., which was shut down by authorities for selling expired meat.

  • Log on for comfort food

    Planning a small get-together with friends? Not keen to step out for a bite in the rains? Or simply lazy to whip up dinner? Dial The Food Doofs where all your food woes will be sorted out

  • Cinnamon can prevent food poisoning

    Cinnamon can not only tickle your taste buds, the ancient cooking spice is also an effective anti-bacterial agent and can help prevent some of the most serious food-borne illnesses caused by pathogenic bacteria, says a study

  • Healthy breakfast on the go

    Snack on fresh fruits loaded with dollops of yogurt, oats and muesli with creative professional Natasha Fernandes’s Cereal Killers that deliver parfaits in a jar

  • Hits, misses and a winner

    Treesome Cafe at Andheri has a large, warm al fresco area and two groovy bars. The food, though mostly good, has some bummers, writes Kareena Gianani

  • Interesting soup recipes to try on a rainy day

    What’s better than a bowl of hot soup to drive away the monsoon blues? Rustling them up yourself and experimenting with some unusual recipes while at it, for sure. A homemaker, a chef and a food blogger share some of their favourite soup recipes with Deepali Dhingra. Go ahead, slurp

  • Chef Ranveer Brar's recipe for Kalya Vatanyachi Ussal

    Chef Ranveer Brar on how Aswaad restaurant at Dadar offers delicately flavoured Maharashtrian fare that is made with minimal spices and oil

  • Get a taste of British pub food, plus more

    Try out some British pub food at this pop-up, titled Taste of London

  • Food special: Your Sunday feast, with love from Goa

    In the second and concluding part of our series on Goan takeaways in Mumbai, the Goan Sausage, Chicken Cafreal and Crab Xacuti vie for top honours as part of a weekend feast whipped up by Vikhroli-based Sunday Foodies

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