• Restaurant review: Lower Parel's latest fast food joint

    Shippy's Restaurante is a welcome addition to Lower Parel as it caters to the light-pocketed. Full-flavoured, the burger-sandwich-baguette fare is promising but lacks vision

  • Recipes: Goodies for Ganeshotsav

    Festivals call for feasts and as the city celebrates Ganeshotsav, the guide offers readers four quick recipes of healthy items that can be dished up at home

  • Food review: Dig into Bandra's sweet mystery

    A new patisserie, The Mystery Box, has made its entry in buzzing Bandra, and might end up being a haven for the sweet-toothed

  • Restaurant review: Italian joyride in Vashi

    If you ignore its stiff pricing and the odd hiccup, and instead, focus on its high-quality ingredients and authentic fare, Riso looks like a step in the right direction to popularise Italian cuisine in Vashi

  • Over 500 tonnes of food grain lie on tracks as train derails

    14 trains on Konkan Railway were cancelled, after 7 wagons of a goods train carrying food grain derailed near Karanjadi railway station in Mahad taluka, Raigad, yesterday

  • Food and Supply dept distributes 3,000 new ration cards to Pune residents

    Thanks to the special drives conducted last month, the Divisional Food and Supply department distributed around 3,000 new ration cards to the city residents, leaving very little scope for leaders to use this as their campaign strategy

  • Finding Japanese food items in Mumbai's bazaars

    Phorum Dalal takes a walk in Crawford Market with Chef Ting Yen, the man behind the soon-to-be-opened Yuuka by Ting Yen at Palladium Hotel in Lower Parel, to source ingredients for Japanese cuisine and finds the difference between sushi, maki and sashimi

  • Nothing out of the ordinary

    New Asian fast food eatery Sillichilli offers run-of-the-mill dishes, which fail to tease our palate

  • Mumbai restaurant review: A new secretive bar in Lower Parel

    Lower Parel's newest secret bar, Please Don't Tell, offers good but expensive bite and drink options

  • Parsi New Year special: Cooking eggs the Parsi way

    There is no other ethnicity that can crack and cook an egg (eedu) as a Parsi does. From boiled to coating lady fingers with eggs, and even breaking the shell as an offering to evil forces, Kanika Sharma finds out why and how the Parsis fell in love with the eedu

  • SGNP to have its own grasslands for herbivores

    Decision taken to boost food stock for animals like chital and sambar; work on converting a four-acre plot into grassland underway

  • What's cooking in the Parsi kitchen?

    The main ingredient of Parsi cuisine is love. On the eve of Parsi New Year, Phorum Dalal scours family recipes, masala dabbas and rich culinary history that give the food a perfect balance of sweet and sour 

  • Your work and social life, balanced

    Connect to free Wi-Fi, network with like-minded people and enjoy food and drinks that are plated beautifully. All this under one roof at Colaba Social

  • Some food for thought

    Do you think God gets stoned? I think so...look at the platypus.” Not many can forget this quote by Robin Williams. 

  • There's more to that menu!

    Menus aren't just carriers of dish names but more, as Brian Wansink, a Cornell University psychologist who studies eating behaviour, discovered in his new paper. He says that often, menus trick us into ordering food that we might not have really wanted. Intrigued, the guide chatted up with city restaurateurs and menu designers to find out the real deal

  • 47 resident doctors suffer food poisoning at Sion Hospital

    About 47 resident doctors were admitted at the Sion hospital after they complained of vomit and diarrhea. Authorities suspect sweets distributed at the hospital's canteen to be a cause

  • Hot food on a rocky ride

    Hot Rocks BBQ is a unique home delivery service that is open till the wee hours of the morning. The concept is a winner, but has the joint bitten off more than it can chew?

  • Now, Ranveer Singh does 'Manchow Rap'

    Ranveer Singh, the brand ambassador for Ching's Secret, has belted out 'Manchow Rap' in a music video to promote the brand that produces a wide range of Chinese food ingredients

  • Newly opened Versova eatery serves healthy fare

    Cafe Sprightly has just opened at JP-Versova Road in place of Glee Cafe. With light, quick meals and an intact nutrition quotient, this might become the go-to haunt for fitness freaks

  • The case of two Bikaners

    Two sweetmeat stores within striking distance of each other in Bhandup bear the same name, Bikaner. The reviewer bug in us drew us to visit both the stores to solve this curious similarity