• Bandra cafe is a haven for Mumbai's vinyl record lovers

    There seems to be a change in fortunes for the humble vinyl record. Fans of this music format in the city are finding new avenues and spaces to revel in this sound, and re-live the record. the guide scratches beyond the surface

  • In the mood for vinyl evenings?

    If you’re a vinyl addict and have grooved to the magic that the record unleashes, head to Gostana to boast about your collection, and also listen to other’s playlists

  • Good food but slow service at Gostana

    Quirky product store Roti Kapada Makaan invites bites as the Bandra-based eatery, Gostana, opens a small café in the store. Between a munch and a swallow, the place leaves much to be desired

  • No smoking, no drugs. Only burgers

    Healthy fast food cafe Gostana has shifted base and burgers from Powai, to a quiet lane in fitness-conscious Bandra