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  • Health & Fitness: Sweat it out with Vidyut Jammwal

    Gym truths, fitness mantras and exercise routines to get the perfect physique, just like action hero Vidyut Jammwal

  • Revealed! FIFA WC superstars' lesser-known fitness routines

    As the FIFA World Cup 2014 nears its second round, the guide takes a look at some of its biggest names, their fitness regimes and quirks to help you choose your favourite routine

  • Some tips to stay fit this monsoon

    The lush greenery and overcast skies might rev up some spirits. But for others, the rains aggravate body aches and cause fatigue or lethargy. Phorum Dalal talks to experts who decode these arguably psychosomatic reactions and suggest ways to stay in shape this season

  • Bipasha Basu pushes near, dear ones into fitness mode

    Actress Bipasha Basu, a fitness enthusiast, is doing her bit to motivate people around her to look after their health and be fit.

  • Health: Quick fix for that pain in the neck

    Cervical Spondylosis is emerging as an urban lifestyle condition that younger people are increasingly falling prey to. the guide tells you how to spot it at the right time, and act on it

  • Sonakshi strictly follows her workout regime

    Arjun Kapoor's 'Tevar' co-star Sonakshi Sinha is making sure that she doesn't miss out on her workout regime during the shoot of the film

  • Why aerial silk is the latest fitness trend in town

    Aditi Deshpande, a national champion in rope mallakhamb who is also trained in aerial silk, tells Rinky Kumar about the health benefits of swinging from a cloth and reveals why this form of acrobatics is the latest fitness trend in town  

  • Have a fit monsoon

    More often than not, the rains throw a wet blanket over your fitness regime. Here are some tips to ensure that your health is never a casualty of this monsoon

  • Experts collect litchi samples in Bihar to identify deadly virus

    Experts Wednesday collected samples of litchi to identify the virus strain that has claimed the lives of over 50 children in Bihar

  • Instant oatmeal in breakfast manages hunger better

    Love ready-to-eat oat cereal in breakfast but do not get that feeling of "fullness"? Switch to instant oatmeal

  • Health & Fitness: Meet the other Superman

    Popularly known as Superman, American MMA fighter JJ Ambrose who was in the city recently, shares tips on fitness, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and why there’s no better way to beat your opponent than by submission

  • Tips to help your children eat healthy food

    Kids are known to be fussy eaters. As exasperated parents, you can either throw up your hands in despair or heed their demands. But what if you could learn some tips and tricks to help them eat well? Rinky Kumar talks to nutritionists and doctors to find out more

  • Indians play major role in mapping human protein

    The existence of several novel proteins in the human body that were never observed or predicted has been uncovered in a two-year project conducted by a group of Indian American scentists and their counterparts here, creating what has been described as a "catalogue" that is now available as an interactive web-based resource

  • 5 useful healthcare gadgets that will help you stay fit

    Technology doesn't mean just smart phones and tablets, it gives birth to monitoring devices, too. Read on to find out what's in store for you

  • Get fit the military way

    Soak up the sun and bond with your friends while increasing your endurance levels with outdoor boot camp training sessions

  • Measles virus to treat cancer?

    Viruses are known to cause diseases. But can they also cure a life-threatening one? Yes, measles virus can potentially be used to cure cancer, a promising research reveals

  • Virtual pets to help obese kids

    If your kids are gaining weight because they spend more time indoor playing video games instead of playing outdoor, you may soon turn to technology — all thanks to a virtual pet designed to induce kids to physical activities.

  • Tips to fight hypertension

    Deadlines, targets and the urge to succeed are an open invitation to hypertension among young professionals in India. World Hypertension Day is on May 17 and Phorum Dalal finds quirky ways to fight the condition

  • Sharon Stone's 10 fitness mantras

    Femme fatale Sharon Stone defies age with her stunning looks at 56. Here's how she does it

  • Fitness experts agree that pregnant women must exercise

    New research proves that a mother's weight during pregnancy can determine the baby’s. Here are a few routines you can follow, with the help of an expert

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