king of fruits

  • Humour: A tongue-in-cheek look at the 'mango season'

    Now that the king of fruits is here, what better reason or season to get some king-sized laughs... or maybe a chuckle or two? We say, just for this Sunday, put that oh-so-serious demeanour aside, and get a little flip, with tongue firmly in cheek. What’s the aam in that!

  • Celebrate the king of fruits with these recipes

    Undoubtedly, mangoes are everyone's favourite. the guide gives you the lowdown on three diverse ways - sweet, salty and spicy - in which you can woo any kind of foodie with a whip of your ladle

  • Which mango do you like the most?

    It's that time of the year again when the 'King of Fruits' visits Mumbai. The city has been flooded with different varieties of mango. As mango mania hits Mumbai, let's find out which variety is the Mumbaikars' favourite.

  • Season special: We pick the best mango desserts on offer in Mumbai

    Dhara Vora tempts the sweet-toothed and the mango-lover with these must-try mango desserts whipped up at eateries across city restaurants

  • Revealed: How the mango travels the world

    The king of fruits undergoes various processes before export, say experts

  • Why the arrival of mangoes has been delayed this year

    The state's famed and much-loved Alphonso mangoes have just started arriving at the stands, but traders say the supply of the fruit will be lower this year

  • Here's what you could keep in mind before buying mangoes

    Mangoes have begun entering the market, but can you tell one variety from the other before coughing up heavy prices? We tell you how

  • Abbas Tyrewala launches his new film called 'Mango'

    The season of mangoes is upon us and Abbas Tyrewala's upcoming film that shares its name with the king of fruits has just gone on the floors in Goa

  • Mangolicious

    The season of mangoes is here, and most of you would have already had a bite of the king of fruits. The Guide recommends, you add a new touch to the seasonal fruit with these fun and delicious recipes

  • King of fruits will come at a princely price this year

    Consumers are shelling out a whopping Rs 4,500 a box; traders blame prolonged winter for the price, inferior quality and low produce, resulting in a dip in supply

  • Get savvy with the king of fruits

    At this workshop where the chef will teach you how to make innovative dishes with mangoes

  • The king of fruit holds court

    The badsaah of all fruits is available in all shapes, sizes and forms. We give you a list of places where you can devour the fruit. Stop only when mango juice starts oozing out of your ears