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  • Forget your Monday blues with these colourful fishes

    Watch these beautiful fishes from Aqua Life 2014 fish exhibition held at Kandivali in Mumbai Video by: Milind salvi, mid-day

  • The best art shows in Mumbai

    If you're an art buff, the current bounty of shows will have you spoilt for choice. Soma Das picks the best shows to visit this week

  • The case of two Bikaners

    Two sweetmeat stores within striking distance of each other in Bhandup bear the same name, Bikaner. The reviewer bug in us drew us to visit both the stores to solve this curious similarity

  • TLC for Mumbai's pets

    Petsville is a fully air-conditioned indoor space for pets that offers a variety of services including dog spa, veterinary clinic, play centre, training academy, party space and pet store as well

  • Some areas of brain may remain youthful in old age

    Challenging current models of brain ageing, researchers have found that some areas of the brain may remain youthful even in older age

  • Traumatic images put journalists at stress disorder risk

    Are you a newsroom journalist and stressed? Sanitising some disturbing images that come from public must be your priority else be ready to develop adverse psychological problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Hand-held device can detect deadly skin cancer

    A new hand-held device that uses lasers and sound waves may change the way doctors treat and diagnose the deadly skin cancer melanoma, says new research

  • Stress may shorten pregnancy in coming generations

    Have you experienced childbirth complications and delivered a premature baby even after taking all de-stressing measures during pregnancy?

  • 'My hubby is quite immature...'

    I’m married for over a year now. I love my husband a lot, but I feel things aren't right anymore. I'm 25 and feel that he is quite immature

  • What's keeping you awake?

    Bedtime procrastination, a newly researched phenomenon, is emerging as an noticeable urban scenario, where you delay sleeping despite no external factor to stop you from hitting the sack

  • A thousand times and more!

    Some books hook you instantly with their covers -- perhaps, like this one that comes with dreamy embossed gold letters nudging the child in us to imagine tales that belong to the world of fascination and  timelessness

  • Vikram Bawa readies for a long show

    Ace fashion photographer Vikram Bawa's fashion film, The Long Show, has been nominated for the International Fashion Film Awards (IFFA) 2014, in two categories

  • 10 things to watch out for when you do yoga

    Many types of yoga are practised in Mumbai, each promising quick results. But what they don't tell you is that not all routines might be suited for everyone. Hassan M Kamal invited yoga expert Dr Amrapali Patil to share mistakes we make while practising yoga

  • Summer romances now extend upto at least 5 years

    A new study has revealed that the relationship of the couples who meet during summer holidays, now last upto at least five years

  • Mumbai monsoon special: Reign in the rains

    Our special feature will help you reign supreme this monsoon — be it through the food you eat, places you travel, the songs you listen to or even the clothes you wear

  • Can ditching DVDs save the planet?

    Researchers claim billions of kg of CO2 could be saved by doing so

  • Art for revolution

    Revolution Art is a group show of 100 contemporary paintings and sculptures by artists from all over Maharashtra

  • On the Silk Route trail

    Three questions with Vijay Crishna, travel enthusiast and theatre personality

  • They don't make writers like him anymore: Nandita Puri

    Author Nandita Puri recalls priceless moments, the advice and the keen eye of Khushwant Singh that she will cherish forever

  • Batik Art: Dyed in tradition

    Batik, a cloth dyeing technique, might be making waves worldwide, but is being phased out in India. To re-emphasise on the uniqueness of this ancient form, Swati Desai has released, Batik, a book tribute to Bihari Barbhaiya, her mentor and one of the greatest exponents of Batik in India