lp records

  • This Chor Bazaar treasure house is a hotspot for antique music records

    Haji Ebrahim in Chor Bazaar is a hotspot for antique LP collectors. It’s also the treasure house that supplied the transistor covering Aamir Khan’s modesty in PK, and where the retro radio set in the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer, Raees, were dug out

  • Bandra cafe is a haven for Mumbai's vinyl record lovers

    There seems to be a change in fortunes for the humble vinyl record. Fans of this music format in the city are finding new avenues and spaces to revel in this sound, and re-live the record. the guide scratches beyond the surface

  • Treasure trove of golden voices

    Vikram Sampath's Archive of Indian Music has digitised versions of LP records -- a rich haul of speeches, instrumental music and songs from 1902 to 1952

  • In the mood for a melody

    Moloy Ghosh an engineer, today converts priceless old LP records and damaged cassettes into high quality CDs

  • Mumbai gets a vinyl makeover

    Have you always been fascinated by your grandfather's dusty old gramophone and LP records? Here's your chance to enter that world of vintage music at a Vinyl Festival that will kick off in the city

  • LP makes a comeback with 'Jhootha Hi Sahi' soundtrack

    Remember the Long Playing records (LP), which were a rage in the 1970s and 1980s? They are making a comeback with the music of forthcoming film "Jhootha Hi Sahi", which is now being launched on the forgotten format

  • The vinyl is in vogue again

    Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Eagles -- classics make a real comeback in India in long playing record format. Does the digital generation care for analog, asks Lalitha Suhasini. Norah Jones says yes