malavika sangghvi

  • Fearless and feisty

    "Fear is the prevailing force today. Dalits, minorities, students live in fear. Businessmen dare not speak," said former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, whose book 'Fearless in Opposition: Power and Accountability,' will be launched at the Nehru Centre today

  • The 'write party'?

    We could not figure out what high-profile author Shobhaa De had meant when she texted us on Sunday morning, that she was 'really, really thrilled out of (her) skull to be featured on such an impressive list!!! I am at 94. Not 6.'

  • This was Randhir Kapoor's birthday cake!

    We were smiling as we turned the last page of actor Rishi Kapoor’s rollicking tell all ‘Khullam Khulla’ just this morning, when we heard about his elder brother Randhir Kapoor’s big fat party on Wednesday night to bring in his 70th birthday

  • Bal with bubbly

    Just when you thought his life could not get any more charmed, word comes in that fashion’s favourite enfant terrible, the very pouty, Capital-based designer Rohit Bal, who recently launched his new store, Balance, in Delhi’s Mehrauli, is currently in the heart of France’s Champagne Valley, in the cellars of Dom Perignon in Epernay sampling its finest vintages

  • At least he is wearing a hat

    On the face of it, it seems kosher: talks are on to bring the ‘Ultimate Elton: One Night Only’ to India in April 2017

  • Of politics and pets

    Once all powerful because of her alleged proximity to her father-in-law, the late Sena chief Bal Thackeray, Smita Thackeray, wife of Jaidev, was said to be almost the de facto chief minister of Maharashtra during the Sena-BJP rule

  • The legend in transit

    When we chanced upon this picture posted yesterday by TV actress Shama Sikander on social media of Bollywood legend Rekha, on a day trip to attend Parliament, we couldn’t help recalling the words, ‘Products are made in factories, brands are made in the consumers’ hearts

  • A match made in heaven

    The recent nuptials of Vidhi Shangvi and Vivek Salgaocar, saw the cream of Mumbai participate in what was described as a high-profile alliance between two prominent business clans

  • Tasteful nuptials

    Last evening, the ongoing celebrations of the recently concluded nuptials of the New York-based Akshay Bhansali, to a bride from the erstwhile royal clan of Karnataka, were held at Mumbai’s Turf Club, where the groom’s father, the renowned cardiologist based in New Orleans, Dr Siddharth Bhansali, originally from Mumbai, hosted a reception, replete with a jazz band from back home

  • Derby Day without Mallya

    While this year’s RWITC Derby held over the weekend, saw its fair share of women in fancy hats and stilettoes, it had one marked difference: the absence of Vijay Mallya, currently one of London’s most well-heeled refugees, who is said to have unfailingly attended Derby Day for over 30 years

  • The cosmic giggler

    Lisa Ray who never stops delighting with her continuous progression (from model to films, to inspirational cancer survivor, to perfume creator), is currently in Dehradun, immersed in three days of talks and lectures on the topic of ‘Reviving Indian Wisdom for Contemporary India’ at a sylvan wellness retreat nestled in the Himalayas

  • Spotted: Padma Lakshmi in Mumbai

    Sultry cookbook author, Salman Rushdie's former wife, actress and single mom, the luscious Padma Lakshmi is said to have checked into a leading SoBo hotel yesterday

  • Aamir Khan goes out on dinner with Fatima Sana Shaikh, Sanya Malhotra

    "Both Aamir Khan and chef Vicky Ratnani attended the Bombay Scottish School, where Khan had been four years senior," says a spokesperson for The Korner House restaurant, where the superstar had dined on Tuesday night with Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra, who play his daughters in Dangal

  • Gauri Khan to design SoBo island

    Mumbai's own woman on a mission, the indefatigable Shaina NC met Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta, at his headquarters opposite CST along with a delegation

  • The high profile wedding of Rana Kapoor's daughter Radha

    It had started as a high-profile engagement and so no surprises, that the wedding of Radha Kapoor (ISDI founder and daughter of Yes Bank Founder Chairman Rana Kapoor) to Aditya Khanna, was as big as they come

  • Winning at social media

    The thing about social media is some people get it and most don’t. And we can now safely say that our friend, Anand Mahindra, certainly does

  • Through the looking glass

    Devendra Fadnavis has, time and again, demonstrated his zeal to embrace a younger, more energetic persona

  • All's well

    He’s always claimed to be a ‘good middle class Punjabi boy’ (we’d pick quarrel with at least two of those five words), but high-profile designer Manish Malhotra has certainly upped the social ante, ever since he moved into his new home in Pali Hill

  • His big, cool friend

    Everyone needs a big, cool friend, and as these things go, Mukesh Ambani is certainly the biggest and coolest one to have in corporate circles

  • Peter Mukerjea finds unwavering support from Star colleagues

    Even as their former colleague, Peter Mukerjea faces what must be the most challenging periods of his life, word comes in of strong and unwavering support from a section of his former colleagues at Star