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  • Search for Malaysian plane MH370 suspended after 3 years

    The search for the Malaysian Airlines plane that disappeared in March 2014 has been suspended, a statement said on Tuesday

  • Debris from missing MH370 found off Mozambique coast

    An object which could be debris from the missing plane MH370 was found off the coast of Mozambique, media reported

  • MH370 can be found soon: Boeing 777 captain

    After 20 months of search operations, missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 could be found in a matter of months after the hunt switched to an area identified by a British Boeing 777 captain

  • Aircraft seat cushions, window panes found on Reunion: Malaysia

    Aircraft seat cushions and window panes have been found on an Indian Ocean island where wreckage from MH370 was recovered, Malaysia's transport minister said

  • Debris found on Reunion Island from MH370: Malaysian PM

    Verification has confirmed that the debris found on Reunion Island belongs to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced on Thursday

  • 'Plane window' washes up in flight MH370 search

    New debris, which looks like a possible ‘plane window’, found at Reunion Island, where last week suspected debris from
    the missing Malaysian plane was spotted

  • 'Almost certain' that wreckage from MH370: Malaysia

    Malaysian authorities and international experts were "almost certain" that the plane wreckage found on Reunion island was part of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, media reports said on Friday

  • After 16 months, first physical clue surfaces in missing MH370 case

    The discovery of remains on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion has made authorities suspect it might be a part of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, which was en-route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and vanished on March 8, 2014

  • Fresh wreckage found 'matches' MH370

    Debris found in the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean appears to be a part of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared in March 2014, media reports said on Thursday

  • Malaysia seeks UNSC resolution to find who downed flight MH17

    The president of the UN Security Council said on Thursday Malaysia intends to introduce a draft resolution, touching off an anticipated "months" of debate, on the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine, which killed all 298 people on board.

  • Malaysian jet MH-370-related case to be heard in May

    A Malaysian court on Tuesday set May 15 for hearing of a case filed by two children of a passenger on board the Malaysia Airlines flight MH-370, which has been missing for over a year

  • Disappearance of MH370 declared accident

    The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 in March last year was today declared as an accident, fulfilling a legal obligation that will allow the next of kin of the 239 people, including five Indians, on board to claim compensation

  • Tony Abbott urges Russia to appologise over MH17 deaths

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged Russia to compensate and apologise to families of the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, a statement from Abbott's office said Wednesday

  • 'Will demand justice for MH17 victims'

    Malaysian Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to use the platform of 69th UN General Assembly (UNGA) to bring to book those responsible for downing the aircraft

  • Half of MH17 crash victims identified: Report

    Half of the number of victims of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane crash have been identified, the Dutch national forensic investigation team has stated through a private forum for relatives

  • Volatile security hampers MH17 probe

    The UN said here Friday that a probe into the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was being hampered by the volatile security situation at the crash site in eastern Ukraine

  • MH17 jet was hit by missile shrapnel: Report

    The recently downed Malaysia Airlines jet in the eastern Ukraine had suffered an explosive loss of pressure after getting punctured by shrapnel from a missile, BBC reported on Tuesday citing Ukranian security officials.

  • Malaysia Airlines to change name to boost reputation

    Reeling under the pressure of two catastrophic aviation tragedies, Malaysia Airlines is mulling a name change and restructuring of routes in a bid to repair its reputation, a media report has said. 

  • Responsibility for MH17 downing lays with Putin: US

    The US has intensified its attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin, holding him responsible for the tragic downing of a Malaysian plane by a missile over a part of Ukraine controlled by Russia-backed separatists

  • MH17 crash: Australian parents living in 'hell beyond hell'

    The family of three Australian children killed on board Malaysua Airlines flight MH17 has described how they are living in a "hell beyond hell" as they struggle to deal with their loss.